Đây là bài luyện kỹ năng Reading dành cho đối tượng Beginner. Chủ đề My Lovely Family (Unit 3 – Study Plan for Beginner). Dưới đây là một bài viết miêu tả thành viên trong gia đình, cụ thể là người chị gái – MY FABULOUS SISTER. Hãy đọc và làm bài tập ở dưới nhé! (Chú ý những chỗ được in đậm và đừng quên lưu từ mới vào sổ từ bằng eJOY extension để ôn tập thêm).

Hi Friends! Let me introduce my sister. Her name is Sophia and she is 23 years old. She is absolutely beautiful! The boys are very fond of her!

She has got long black hair, blue eyes and a pretty little nose. Her eyelashes are extremely long. She’s got very nice white teeth. She’s about 176 cm tall and she weighs 56 kg. She’s slim and she has got long legs, but her feet are quite small.

She goes to university where she studies economics. Sophia is very clever that’s why she gets a lot of money from various scholarships. I can’t mention any negative features about her. She’s very kind, she pays attention to her friends (she has many!). She’s usually cheerful and likes jokes a lot. My sister is very helpful. She helps me with my homework and always helps my parents around the house. In her free time she works as a model for a big and famous company.

She often goes jogging to keep herself fit and healthy. My parents are very proud of her.


1/ Are the statements true (), false (*) or doesn’t it say (Ø)?

1 Sophia is a student.
2 She looks like her mother.
3 She is extremely tall.
4 Her legs are long.
5 The boys don’t like her.
6 She’s very intelligent.
7 Sophia goes to Oxford University.
8 She is a positive character.
9 She doesn’t have a lot of friends.
10 In her free time she does some sports.

2/ Answer the questions. 

1 What does Sophia do?
2 Where does she study?
3 How can you describe her?
4 What is her attitude to her friends?
5 Why are her parents proud of her?