If you like learning English on YouTube, you might have known how to use eJOY eXtension to save new words and play games with them later. Now, your English learning through YouTube videos will become even more effective with YouTube Connect. YouTube Connect is our newest feature that is now available on eJOY GO. With YouTube Connect, you can convert your favorite YouTube videos into eJOY GO videos to learn English with joy just as the same way you do with other videos on eJOY GO – Take Quizzes, Play Speak Game and Write Game.

Besides YouTube Connect, Offline Dictionary is also a brand-new feature that we’d like to introduce to you. Let’s see how we can utilize these two features on our English learning journey, shall we?

YOUTUBE CONNECT – Learn English with any subtitled Youtube videos on eJOY GO

YouTube Connect allows you to convert any subtitled YouTube videos of your choice into eJOY GO videos so that you can easily practice your English skills with Quizzes, Speak Game and Write game.

How to make the most out of YouTube Connect

Step 1: Copy the URL of any Youtube video that you’d like to learn

Step 2: Go to the eJOY Go website => Select Youtube Connect

Step 3: Select Connect Video => Paste the video URL and click on “Connect”

Youtube Connect

Step 4: Go to ‘My Connected Videos” and select the video you want to practice. Now it’s your playing time. After watching the video, you can choose to play Quizzes, Write (Transcribing) or Speak (Shadowing). Don’t forget to save any new words to your word books for further practice!


  • PRO users can connect unlimited YouTube videos.
  • As a Basic user, you can only connect one YouTube video.

OFFLINE DICTIONARY – Learn English with eJOY at anytime without Internet connection

The Offline Dictionary that eJOY has just developed will allow you to learn English at anytime and anywhere without Internet connection. Isn’t it convenient?

Let’s see how we can use this new feature in an effective way!

Step 1 : Download the Offline Dictionary

Open eJOY English App on your phone => More => Offline Dictionary => Choose a dictionary for whichever language you need => Download.

Download offline data

Currently, there are 10 dictionaries for 10 different languages available for you to download and use offline.

  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese TW
  • Chinese CN
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish

Step 2: Learn English offline with eJOY

  • Open any videos that you’ve downloaded on eJOY app
  • Click on any new words to get translations

  • The dictionaries also work well on Global Translation

Now, it’s time for you to explore these two features! We’re always trying to make eJOY English exactly what you need for your English learning journey. Please let us know of any suggestions, ideas or bugs that you encounter, and we will use your feedback to improve our products. Thank you and happy learning!