• A leisure activity to release stress
  • What do you do when you face failure?

List of suggested questions

  1. an appointment with someone?
  2. mind if I ask how old are you?
  3. aren’t you supposed to be wearing glasses…?
  4. you’re like … or smt?
  5. what area are you trained in technology?
  6. what are you proficient in?
  7. what does ABC stand for?

List of suggested vocabulary

Learn these vocabularies from Epic English app.

  1. ups and downs
  2. face failure
  3. pick yourself up
  4. results in
  5. soothe your nerves
  6. rest your mind
  7. find calm
  8. in the company of woods
  9. such a great way
  10. create something beautiful
  11. a little wind
  12. make it look
  13. sculpture
  14. completely silent
  15. tiny little balance point
  16. a couple of minutes
  17. make a balance


  • Even though: Even though a little wind can make it look like the sculpture never was there, I still think it’s such a great way to balance myself.  
  • Gerund as a subject: Being connected with nature will help you release stress.


  1. sculp ture
  2. soothe

More listening (auto-generated subs)


  • Listen to the following conversations,
  • Identify the new words and expressions that you want to learn 
  • Compose your own sharing about how you get relaxed or what you do when you face failure  
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  2. What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Do Yoga Regularly 3.22
  3. Secondhand Smoke 0.59
  4. How mindfulness can improve your relationships 1.00
  5. What causes headaches? – Dan Kwartler 5.31 (Advanced)