The AI Pro dictionary on eJOY is a useful tool to explain certain words and paragraphs that regular definitions and translations may not fully clarify. For example, if you’re reading something with complex terms or encountering a new phrasal verb or idiom, the AI Pro dictionary can provide clear explanations to help you out.

1. Single-word lookup

Method 1: Select the word you want to look up => Click on the eJOY icon => Scroll down and choose AI Explain => AI will help you explain the word in the simplest and most concise way possible.

Method 2: If you want a more detailed explanation, you can click on the AI Explanation icon on the right side of the pop-up.

Note: In the Translation tab, you will receive explanations in your native language. In the Definition tab, AI will provide definitions in English. To translate this Definition into your native language, you can click on the AI icon on the right side of the pop-up.

2. Phrase lookup

Sometimes, when you read a sentence, it can be confusing because you’re not familiar with the specific phrases, idioms, or grammar used. The AI Dictionary will automatically recognize and highlight these phrases for you.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select the paragraph you’re unsure about. Any idioms or phrases in that paragraph will be highlighted in blue.

Step 2: If there’s a phrase you don’t understand, simply click on it. The AI dictionary will show you the meaning of that phrase.

3. Components in the AI Explanation pop-up

  1. Copy – Allows you to copy the text you searched for (source text).
  2. Translate – Translate the text you looked up into your native language.
  3. Paraphrase – When you click this button, the explanation of the passage will be written in a different way.
  4. Advanced Grammar – Provides explanations for the grammar structures used in the text you searched for.

eJOY wishes you a joyful English learning experience. If you have any ideas to share, feature requests, or encounter any difficulties while using the eJOY dictionary, feel free to reach out to us via email at or through the eJOY English Fanpage or Whatsapp!