Thank you for being a part of the eJOY English learners community. Hope you’ve been enjoying your English learning journey with eJOY so far.

As you see, a lot has changed in the past year. We have evolved from an iOS app only into a multi-platform English learning solution. Several new features have been added, such as Pro games, Word Hunt, Syncing, eJOY Courses, and Phrasebook.

What is more is that in just a few days, we are thrilled to introduce to you a whole new product that we believe you will love it – EPIC Videos. 

So many things have changed but one thing that won’t ever change is our commitment to increase your English studying productivity. From April 2019 onwards, we would place a high priority on supporting our long-time English learners, which means we would:

+ continue to improve your favorite learning features, and never stop creating new features

+ listen wholeheartedly to your voice, be your learning partner

+ offer personalized promotion program for enthusiastic learners.

eJOY is a young & enthusiastic start-up. Our only goal is to make our core learning solution work better for you than anyone else. But that requires a significant investment of energy, time, and money. So when it’s time to adjust our pricing, we also want you to know how necessary these changes are for you as a long-term learner. 

Starting from April 08th, 2019 (UTC+0), the prices for PRO plans will change for new subscriptions, and the new pricing WILL NOT affect existing PRO users. 

Here’s how eJOY English’s pricing model will look moving forward:

eJOY Basic

eJOY Basic has been and will remain free of charge. You can still watch unlimited videos and look up any words when you learn English on eJOY app, eJOY GO or when you use eJOY eXtension. All data will be synchronized across platforms to help you learn English more conveniently anywhere and at any time. On Basic, you can get access to some certain basic courses and games to practice your English. Special features on eJOY GO, namely Word Hunt, Movie Training are available on Basic as well. 

However, the number of words you’re allowed to save will be limited to 20 words from April 08th, 2019. Existing Basic users who have saved more than 20 words will no longer be able to add new words and broaden your vocabulary starting from April 08th, 2019.  

eJOY Pro

Here are our new PRO pricing plans

Pricing plans via Apple store

new pricing

Pricing plans via eJOY Website

New pricing plan

Compared to the current pricing model, this new one will offer new plans and new features to accommodate the different needs of our long-term learners.

On PRO, you’ll be able to get full access to all of eJOY products and features, including eJOY GO, eJOY app, eJOY eXtension, and the upcoming eJOY Epic.

PRO users can save unlimited words, play all PRO games, and take any PRO courses to enhance your English.

New Feature – eJOY EPIC: Starting from April 08th, 2019, PRO users can learn English Grammar, practice listening skills, and build up vocabulary with our hand-picked videos. And of course, with no limit.

Pricing change WILL NOT affect existing Pro users

As we mentioned above, our new pricing will not affect existing PRO users until your subscription expires. However, even as your subscription expires, we’ll always offer you special discounts if you truly put your time and effort into your English learning journey.

For PRO users who don’t cancel the auto-renewal service on App Store yet, you will lock in the old pricing until you cancel it.

For PRO users who upgraded via our web, you can email us your renewal plan at We will send you a code to renew at the old price.

If you are a BASIC user and plan to push your English learning to the next level, you can upgrade to PRO before April 08th to take advantage of the old pricing.

It’s one of the ways how we express our deepest appreciation to you, as our Early Supporters. We can’t thank you enough for your patience, your feedback, and encouragement. You are truly our real lifesavers who followed us through the ups and downs of building a startup.

We wish you a happy learning journey. And should you have any ideas, concerns, or anything to share, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: I personally check the mailbox every single day.

Thank you!