Hi there, 2019 has been a huge year for eJOY English. We’d like to thank you for being a part of our community and contributing to our success. You know, without you, we wouldn’t be us today. For the past year, we have rolled out brand-new products, built a lot of features to enhance your learning experience. We hoped we helped you make 2019 your best one. Now, let’s relive our sweetest moments together!

Let’s turn back the clock…

A Year In Review – Our favorite moments in 2019

Inspiring stories to be shared

Over the past year, there were so many inspiring stories unfolding. You, our wonderful learners, have shared with us your stories and your experiences. These very stories are always sources of motivation that keeps us striving forward. We know a lot of you have taken a leap of faith in us and were willing to purchase the lifetime subscription. We’re truly grateful for that. A great number of our learners have become much more confident speaking English with foreigners after a few months using eJOY products. Our English learning journeys are different from each other but eJOY firmly believes that we’ll all feel a tremendous sense of joy if we look back and see how much we’ve grown together. 

User stories
Over the past year, there were so many inspiring stories unfolding

Read more inspiring stores from our learners here

3 special launches in 2019

1. Epic – English learning course

One of our special launches in 2019 is eJOY Epic. Epic features over 1200 video lessons to help you improve your listening skills, English grammar, and vocabulary. Since its first launch, Epic has received a lot of positive feedback from our learners.

2. eDict – the All-in-One Dictionary app

Last September, we introduced you to our completely new app named eDict. This All-in-One English Dictionary App functions quite the same as eJOY eXtension. eDict allows you to instantly look up meanings of words while using your phone. Of course, like the extension, this app will allow you to save words to practice later so that you can improve your English vocabulary in a more efficient way. eDict’s data is synchronized with all eJOY platforms, making it super convenient to use.

3. New eJOY English app version 2020 

Our newest innovation is the video app version 2020. We’ve just released this app version not long ago after days and months working on it constantly.  The most significant change in this new version is the introduction of 7 gamified learning steps that focus on improving your listening, speaking, and vocabulary. 

Our updates in 2019

1. Enhance your learning experience with eJOY

To make your learning experience more joyful and effective, in the year 2019, eJOY built some new features such as YouTube Connect, Subtitle Editing, eJOY Sync, Offline Dictionary. These features allow you to learn English with your favorite content at any time, anywhere. Another 2019 highlight is the arrival of PRO Games on the eJOY app. We developed 5 brand-new games to help you learn English with so much joy every day, namely Synonym, WordRoot, Homophone, PictoWord, and Grammar. 

  • YouTube Connect: With YouTube Connect, you can convert your favorite YouTube videos into eJOY GO videos to learn English with joy just in the same way you do with other videos on eJOY GO – Take Quizzes, Play Speak Game and Write Game.
  • Subtitle Editing: Even though eJOY’s videos are always managed and carefully reviewed by our content team, it’s inevitable that some subtitles could be incorrect in terms of timing and transcript. To solve this problem, eJOY decided to develop the Subtitle Editing feature. This feature allows you to modify any video subtitle on eJOY GO by yourself at any time. 
  • Offline Dictionary: Offline dictionary helps you look up new words while watching videos offline so that you can practice your English anytime, anywhere. 
  • eJOY Sync: All of your words and learning progress are tracked and synced across all devices to keep your studying wherever you go.
  • PRO Games: Enrich your vocabulary and master your grammar with well-designed PRO Games.
eJOY PRO games
Enrich your vocabulary and master your grammar with well-designed PRO Games.

2. Change the way you learn vocabulary

You see, knowing a word’s meaning does not mean you can always know how to use it in a way that makes sense. Many English words often go together as set phrases/ expressions. To be able to speak and write in English naturally, you need to learn such phrases instead of individual words. That’s why, at the beginning of 2019, Phrasebook was first introduced to eJOY learners. After that, we also released the feature Vocabulary Analysis to analyze any video’s vocabulary.

  • Phrasebook: With this new feature, you’re able to save phrases and sentences easily and review them later with games.
  • Vocabulary Analysis: It displays all vocabulary information right below each video such as vocabulary difficulty and frequency, making it easier for you to choose videos that suit you best.
The feature Vocabulary Analysis
The feature Vocabulary Analysis displays all vocabulary information right below each video such as vocabulary difficulty and frequency

Let’s shape the future together…

Our ultimate goal is to become an English learning ecosystem where you can learn English with your favorite content using eJOY’s advanced technology. We hope our products can support not only learners but also teachers in language education. 

That’s a wrap for 2019. Thank you for all of your support and feedback. We can’t wait to share with you more wonderful updates in the next year. Until then, keep up with your English learning and make more everlasting moments with eJOY!

Do not forget to help us shape the future of English learning by sharing your feedback and ideas! You can contact us via email support@ejoy-english.com or Facebook Fanpage.

Wishing you a joyful and happy new year! ❤

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