The Audio Reader feature on eJOY eXtension will allow you to listen to any text’s audio while reading it online. By this way, you can practice your reading and listening skills at the same time.

How to use Audio Reader on eJOY eXtension

Step 1: Add eJOY eXtension to your Chrome

Step 2: Select a word/ phrase

Step 3: Depending on your settings, the headphone icon may appear right after your text selection. Just click on the icon to start your Audio Reader.

In case the icon doesn’t appear, just right click -> Select Read from here at the eJOY eXtension tab on the popup screen.

audio reader

Step 4: The Reading Bar will show up immediately. Now you can enjoy the audio. On the reading bar, there are several adjustments and functions.

While the audio is playing:

  1. Adjust your preferred audio speed
  2. Previous sentence
  3. Click to pause the audio 
  4. Next sentence
  5. Turn on/off the auto-scrolling mode while the audio is playing
  6. Open the full-length reading bar
  7. Turn off Audio Reader
  8. View instructions about Audio Reader

audio reader

When the audio is paused:

  1. Reset the reading
  2. Go to Audio Reader’s settings

The full-length audio reading bar:

Settings on Audio Reader

Main settings menu:

  1. Speak: Select your favorite voice
  2. Speed: Adjust the audio speed
  3. CC Panel and Highlight: Turn on/off CC panel on the full-length reading bar and Select highlight color
  4. Shortcut Keys: Customize your shortcut key.
  5. Read Selection: Set up your reading selection

Settings in details


  1. Preview voice: Click to select a voice in the list -> Select Preview Voice to listen to the selected voice
  2. Free: Free voices

audio reader


  1. Use the circle icon and drag it horizontally to adjust the voice speed. Default speed is 500WPM – 500 words/ minute
  • Drag the circle to the right for faster speeds
  • Drag the circle to the left for slower speeds

2. 500WPM: Displayed speed according to the slider

3. Preview Speed: Click to pre-listen to the audio.

audio reader

CC Panel and Highlight

  1. Show CC Panel in the reading bar: You can turn on/off the CC panel on the full-length reading bar. To turn off the panel, select Don’t show CC Panel in the dropdown menu.
  2. Select highlight.
  • Sentence and word: Highlight both selected sentence and word 
  • Sentence only: Highlight the read sentence only
  • Word only: Highlight the read word only
  • None: No highlight

3. Select the highlight color. There are 4 different colors – Light, Dark, Ice, Warm

4. Turn on/ off the auto-scrolling mode

Shortcut Keys

  1. Click “Edit shortcut keys” to change your shortcut settings. You will be directed to the Chrome Extension shortcut settings. At this tab, you can easily customize keyboard shortcuts for your browser at any time according to your preference. To be able to change speakers, you need to enter a shortcut including Ctrl, Alt or Cmd ⌘ , and another key.
  2. Your first voice option. Once you press the Speaker’s shortcut key, this option will be enabled.
  3. Press the Speaker’s shortcut key one more time, the second voice will be used.

Read Selection

  1.  The headphone icon will only be displayed if the selected text is more than the number of characters that is selected
  2. Other read selection options
  •  Read to page end: Auto read the whole text on the current page
  • Read the selected text only: Only read the selected text

audio reader

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