eJOY is glad to introduce you to our eJOY English app version 2020 to ensure you always have the best learning experience! Everything you know and love about eJOY app is still there… but now there’s even more. The new, redesigned eJOY English app will focus on improving your Listening – Speaking – Vocabulary using the latest technology and algorithms. What’s more, this new app version promises to motivate both PRO and Basic users to learn English more effectively. 

Practice your Speaking – Listening

7 Gamified learning steps

Besides helping you practice your vocabulary with the flow: watch a video – look up and save new words – play games with words – track your word progress. This new version will also focus on improving your listening and speaking videos with 7 gamified learning steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Watch a video
  • Step 2: Active listening – Practice slow and focused listening
  • Step 3: Quiz – Listen and complete the sentences
  • Step 4: Shadow – Listen – Repeat – Check your pronunciation
  • Step 5: Write – Listen and transcribe what you hear 
  • Step 6: Roleplay (Dubbing) – Listen – Repeat – Check the result – Re-watch the video with your dubbed voice 
  • Step 7: Review vocabulary

In addition to tracking your word progress, you’re now able to track your video learning progress to keep yourself motivated.

Read more about the 7 gamified learning steps on eJOY English 2020

eJOY English 2020

Practice with short video clips

With this new app version, you can use the feature “Cut a Clip to split a long video into small clips. When practicing your listening skills, we would always suggest working with a short video clip of no more than three minutes. According to many language experts, working with short clips is more effective than working with long ones. Here is why:

  • Firstly, unless you’re at an advanced level, long clips are exhausting! 
  • Secondly, repetition is an important part of the learning process. Working with short clips means you can easily review them multiple times
  • Thirdly, Cut a Clip is an amazing feature in case you’re more interested in only a few certain parts than the entire video


During your practice, you may come across some videos with inaccurate and choppy subtitles. This is because most of our videos are converted from YouTube. And not all of their subtitles are revised and approved except for the featured ones. If you’d like to edit the subtitle, you can use our Subtitle editing tool. Please read more about the Subtitle Editing tool here. Thank you for your understanding.

Cut clip - eJOY app

The new algorithm – Vocabulary Analysis to help you choose the right video

eJOY is researching and developing an algorithm to analyze videos’ difficulty based on your vocabulary. Our ultimate goal is to enhance your personal learning experience, and one of our very first steps is the Vocabulary Analysis feature.  

Vocabulary Analysis will give deep insights into any video’s vocabulary difficulty and frequency, making it easier for you to choose videos that suit you best. 

vocabulary analysis on app

Motivate both PRO and Basic users

Every user can watch all eJOY videos with subtitles and try out the lookup feature. However, if you want to save words to your wordbooks, or practice the video with gamified learning steps, you need to unlock the video with joy or upgrade to PRO. This means Pro users will be able to get full access to all eJOY videos while Basic users will need to earn enough joys to unlock videos. 

What is Joy?

Joy is a virtual currency on eJOY currently used to unlock videos to practice English with video. In the next version, you can also use joys to access premium features and other special upcoming features such as frozen streak, double or nothing,… 

With this current version, joys can only be earned by checking in the eJOY app every day and be used to unlock videos. The flow of joy will soon be enhanced in the next version.

We hope this new app version will bring more value to you as an English learner. Try the new, redesigned eJOY today and help us shape the future of English learning by sharing your feedback.

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