What is Streak? All you need to know about Streak


What is Streak?

Streak shows how frequently you learn English with eJOY. The more streaks you have, the stronger your learning habit is. Your streak starts at 0, and every day when you complete your Daily Goal on eJOY eXtension and/or eJOY App, it will increase by 1.

Note that if you don’t learn at all or complete your Daily Goal for one day, your streak will go back to 0. So, try your best to complete your target every day.

To complete your Daily Goal, you will need to do some activities including adding words, watching videos and playing games. There are 3 Daily Goal options to choose from. To set yours, please follow one of the two solutions below:

Set your Daily Goal on eJOY eXtension

  1. Click the eJOY icon on the top right of your Chrome browser
  2. Game Center
  3. Settings
  4. Choose your Daily goal. Under each goal, you can see its requirement.

Select your Daily Goal

5. Save
6. Track how well you’re doing and your Streak status on the left

Track your streak

Set your Daily Goal on eJOY App

  1. On the menu, tap Performance
  2. Change goal

Change goal in eJOY App's performance

3. Select a Daily Goal and check its requirement

Choose your Daily Goal in eJOY App

4. Start

Press 'Start' to go back to the dashboard

5. Check your Streak and progress in Performance.