Over the last few months, eJOY has received many comments from you all about “my words on eJOY app are not the same as on eJOY extension” (no sync between app & extension). We are so thrilled today to tell you that…

The Sync is Available Now.

In this post, I will explain in details to you:

  • What it is, the sync
  • How to apply it on your device

Not just that, there are many other interesting updates in this new version. I’m sure you don’t want to miss them. Let’s discover them!

The sync


Syncing vocabulary means that the words on eJOY App are the same as on eJOY eXtension. Let’s look at the picture below to see how the sync works


You’ve added a phrase “forces of nature” (left). After syncing, this phrase is available on eJOY eXtension (right).

Points and Streak

Syncing points means that the experience points (XP) are consistent as one number across all devices.

Let’s look at the example below to see the difference.

Sync pointsYou got 500 XP on App by watching a video (left) and got 1208 XP on eXtension game by doing Daily Challenge (right).

The result after syncing is shown as follows.

Syncing*tada*, with 1708XP, you’ve achieved the daily goal at the 1500XP level and got 1 streak. This result now is the same on both smartphone and laptop.

In terms of STREAK, after the “sync now” button is pressed, the higher number of streaks on either App or eXtension will remain.

For example, you have 0 streak on App and 30 streaks on eXtension. After syncing, your streak is 30, consistent on both App and eXtension.


From now on, even if you just have a laptop, you can complete your daily goal.

How to sync

  • With both PRO and Basic account: your new words are updated immediately after you press SYNC NOW on eJOY App and eXtension
  • Note: You press sync on the device which has the first data. For example, you save 20 new words on eJOY App and want to sync with your computer. In this case, you press SYNC NOW on eJOY App first, then press SYNC NOW on eJOY eXtension.

Sync Now on eJOY App

How to Sync

Sync Now on eXtension

Sync on eJOY eXtension



Other updates

1. Daily Challenge on App

With the Spaced Repetition Technique, eJOY Daily Challenge will show you the list of words you are about to forget each day. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time to review words you have mastered.

Daily Challenge is a task that you should overcome every day to gain streak. In detail, you will be challenged with different types of games such as Multiple Choices, Fill in the blanks, and especially Speaking.

Let’s look at the new interface of Daily Challenge on eJOY App.

Challenge Mode

2. Details about your words performance

The new version of eJOY App adds 4 new indicators to help you keep track of your fluency. These are:

Words Performance

Besides, the interface of Wordbank is changed as below.


3. Background playback feature

Background Playback

Previously, audio on the video you are watching is off once you open another app. From now on the new version will maintain the audio.

You can listen to your favorite videos and do other tasks, e.g. cooking, cleaning, etc at the same time. Thus, this feature can save much of your time and your phone’s battery as well. It’s best for effortless listening.


4. Double-tap to fast forward

Double tap The double-tap feature can fast forward your video by 10 seconds.


5. Practicing English grammars with eJOY Movie Training

If you want to improve your grammar, this new feature is for you. eJOY collects many short-clips and creates a lot of questions for you to complete a sentence. Here are some exercises:

  • Pick a preposition
  • Build a phrase
  • Build a sentence
  • And other exercises to discover

Movie Training


Dear my lovely eJOY users,

The key to success in learning languages is “Practice – Practice – Practice”. Let’s practice English with eJOY every day in a fun way and see how far you will go.

Don’t forget to share eJOY’s new improvements with your friends!

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