It’s time for our 6th topic of IELTS Speaking Part 1: food!
This time, we will answer questions on two habits: Food. What food do you like or dislike? Do you eat out often? How often do you have dinner with your family? Do your IELTS homework and fill out the check-in form at the end of this article to find your online speaking partner. 
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Discussion questions for topic: Food

  1. What’s your favorite food?
  2. Have you always liked …. (the food mentioned in question 1)?
  3. Are there any foods you dislike?
  4. Do you enjoy eating with friends or eating alone?
  5. How often do you eat out?
  6. Do you like tasting new food?
  7. What are some traditional foods in your country?
  8. Do you think your diet is healthy?

The aforementioned questions on food are recommendations only. Feel free to add your own and raise any questions to your partner during the online meet-up if you want to extend the conversation!

Suggested videos for this topic

To help you answer those questions, the following is the list of English videos that you can practice with on the eJOY app and web (eJOY GO).

Why eating your favorite food is the best and the worst

What’s your favorite food? 

Rotten Smell, Sweet Taste

Preparing Osechi

How to make traditional Irish Stew

Tasting Turkish Food

Vietnamese ‘Pho Ga’

Food, Inc: What’s in your food?

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