Look Up Words On eJOY App


Look up single words

eJOY allows you to look up words while watching videos so that you can understand the video content. You can save new words to practice later.

To look up single words, tap on a word to look up its meaning.

Tap on a word to lookup

Look up a phrase

If you want to look up a phrase or a sentence, drag over the whole phrase/sentence.

drag all the phrases/sentences. 

Definition box explained

eJOY will provide you some information of the word/ phrases as follows:

information of the word

  • (1) Pronunciation: Press on the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation of each word and each letter
  • (2) Part of speech: Noun, verb, adjective…
  • (3) Definition: There might be more than one definition for each word. Swipe left to see other definitions.

Pronunciation, Part of speech, Definition

  • (4) Change language: To see the mother tongue (VI) definition of the word/ phrase, swipe down the language switch button. Or, you can set translation in your native language as default.

ee the English (EN) or mother tongue

  • (5) Wordbook: You can choose more than one wordbook to save this word/ phrase. If you want to deselect any wordbook, press on the wordbook again.


  • (6) Add to: save your word to your chosen wordbooks.

Look up words with Global Translation

Global Translation allows you to look up new words while you’re playing games, on wordbooks screen as well as on the lookup screen.

  • Look up words while playing games: Press on any words on the game screen to look up.

Look up words while playing games

  • Look up words in Wordbooks: Press on any words on the screen to look up.

Look up words in Wordbooks

  • Look up words while watching a video: Tap on the word then choose the search icon to view the translation.

Look up words while watching a video

Understand quickly with Auto Translate subtitles

To know how to turn on Auto Translate subtitles, please read this post.