Introducing eJOY Blog


eJOY Blog is the place where the eJOY Content Team shares different knowledge and experiences in English learning. This is also where we keep our users updated with important news relating to eJOY’s products. eJOY Blog is divided into 4 main categories. Each main category will be subdivided into small sections so that our users can easily find the subjects that you’re interested in.

eJOY Blog

At work (English at the workplace) 

Notice: The articles in the At work category are mainly written for those whose English level is Intermediate or higher.  If you are a beginner in English, Beginner Category is more suitable for you. 

At work

Beginner (English for beginners)


Exam (English for those who are planning to take different English exams) 

  • Exam techniques: General knowledge and exam techniques to help you improve your English background knowledge
  • IELTS: for those who have intention of taking IELTS exam


eJOY Life 

  • eJOY Discovery: To share world knowledge – art, culture, literature, history…
  • eJOY News: To inform important updates and news relating to eJOY’s products. This is also where we post eJOY’s recruitment announcements.
  • User stories: To share our users’s English learning stories in the hope of inspiring others to make a difference in their language learning journey.

eJOY Life 

How to make the most of eJOY Blog

(1) Select categories or subcategories that best suit your current English level and learning purpose.
(2) Type words/ phrases in the search bar to easily look for your wanted articles
(3) Don’t forget Tags for quick search