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eDict, an All-in-One English Dictionary App, is fast, ad-free, available offline, and of course it’s free.

On eJOY Reader app, you can access the dictionary by tapping on the book icon on the top right corner of the home screen.

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All-in-one English Dictionary App 

Dictionary App 

1 – Translation: Get translation of a word or phrase or sentence, powered by Google Translate and Microsoft translate.
2 – Video Dictionary – Say it: Search for video contexts. Practice listening and speaking with the whole video on eJOY App.
3 – Definition: Get the meaning or definition of a word with illustrations, phonetic transcription, and audio pronunciation.
4 – Word Family: Understand all word’s forms to strengthen your grammar.
5 – Example sentences: Know how to use English words in contexts.
6 – Collocation: Get to know how to use a word correctly.
7 – Thesaurus: Learn more about synonyms and antonyms.
8 – Slang: Get explanations of American Slangs.

Get translation on other apps 

• While surfing a webpage on Safari or Chrome, select a word or phrase, select “Share” button, choose eDict to look up or get translation instantly without turning away from your web view.
• You can use this feature on any other apps that allow you to select text.

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Offline Dictionary 

Download your native dictionary to use offline.

Quick Connect to online dictionaries

Connect to any dictionaries of your choice in a blink of an eye:

• English – English Dictionaries: Cambridge British English, Oxford Collocations, Collins COBUILD EN, Wikipedia…

• Slang: Babylon Slang, OnlineSlangDict, Urban.

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Smart searching

• Autocomplete search suggests the word you are looking for.

• Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases.