What is Reader View?


What is Reader View mode in eJOY Extension?

The Reader View feature helps you focus on reading by removing distractions like website navigation bar, ads or images.

How to use Reader View

Step 1: Open a webpage

Step 2: Open Reader view

Right-click on the eJOY icon on the top right of your browser and select Open in reader view

OR: right-click anywhere on the page => Select eJOY Extension => Select Switch to reader view.

Reader View Interface

Get familiar with the Reader view interface with the guide below.

1. Exit

Click this button to close the reader view interface and return to the original article

2. Settings

Access Reader View mode’s settings

3.  Custom text & background display

Change font style, font size, spacing, width, and background color in the reading mode.

4. Print

Print out the webpage as displayed in Reader View mode

5. Full screen Mode

View text in full screen

6. Text Editor

Enable Text Editor to edit directly on the text

7. Audio

Turn any text to audio and listen

8. Image Display

Display/Hide images within paragraph (if there’s any)

9. Highlights

Enable/Disable highlights

10. Pop-up

Look up words with eJOY extension pop-up


  1. When I want to use a shortcut CMD + Shift + V to paste some text without formatting, it doesn’t work because this Google Chrome Extension runs its new reader view feature. And I can’t find an option for changing a shortcut for a reader view in the extension’s settings.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of this issue and have fixed it in the latest update. If the issue persists, it may be due to cache, please remove the extension and re-install it.

      You can also change the shortcut for eJOY Reader view manually to avoid conflict with the non-format paste function. To do this, please Right-click at eJOY icon on the top right of your browser => Manage Extension => Extensions (on the left) => Keyboard Shortcuts => Toggle the Reader View. Then, type in the shortcut you prefer to use to open eJOY Reader view.

      I hope this answers your question. If you have any further problem, don’t hesitate to leave it below or send an email with clear details of your issue to support@ejoy-english.com

      Best regards,

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