How to Play Games on eJOY eXtension


Game Center on eJOY eXtension

Game Center on eJOY eXtension

1 – The number of words that need reviewing today
2 – Daily Challenge Setting

  • Play with speaking games
  • Choose wordbook to revise
  • Word priority: Select the group of words you want to review first- new words, learning words,….

3 – Other settings
4 – Sync across all devices and platforms
5 – Go to wordbooks.

How to play games on eJOY eXtension

1. “Fill in the blank”

  • Select the word that suits the sentence context to fill in the blank
  • Click on the speaker icon to listen to the pronunciation of the missing word in case you need some hints

Fill in the blank

2. “Guess the word”

  • Guess the word basing on the meaning and pictures
  • Answer the question by filling in the blank or select the correct choice

3. “Rearrange the block”

  • Arrange given words and phrases into the correct sentence

4. “Type what you hear”

  • Type what you hear to complete a sentence or a phrase

Type what you hear