How to Save New Words to Wordbooks with eJOY eXtension


1. To save a word to your word books: 

Step 1 : Add eJOY eXtension to Chrome

Step 2: Depending on your popup settings, there are 2 ways to look up new words using eJOY extension:

  • (1) Select the word/ the group of words and click on the water drop icon 
  • (2) Double Click on the word/ the group of words

Step 3: Click Add to select the wordbook where you want to add the word

Step 4: There are many words that have more than one meaning. Just choose the ones which suit the context most (or the ones of your choice) and click the button Add to save the word.

2. Elements in the word lookup pop-up: 

1 – The translation – definition in English – common slang – example – collocation – synonyms & antonyms –  word family.

2 – Advanced Translation – AI DictionaryOpen the advanced translation or AI dictionary.

3 – Video go to Word Hunt to see the word in different video contexts.

4 – For more word information: image – lookup word on Google, Wikipedia.

5 –  The word popularity The larger the number, the more popular the word

6 – Add the word to your Active wordbook (Wordbook is created by default from the beginning)

7 – AI Explain – Explain vocabulary by AI

8 – Other Dictionaries – See word meanings on other dictionaries like Oxford, Cambridge, ect.

9 – Game – Shortcut button to go to the game section with saved words.

10 – Add to another wordbook.