We’re excited to introduce you to our newest features on eJOY English app that surely will make your day more enjoyable.

Word Root Game – Expand your vocabulary

In addition to 4 PRO games that have been released recently, you now have another amazing game to help you increase your English vocabulary effectively. Word Root Game is a special game into which our team have put a lot of effort.
What makes Word Root Game special?
  • Word Root Game will help you understand English vocabulary rather than just memorize them.
  • Learning word roots helps to grow your vocabulary fast and easily: Knowledge of one root can lead to understanding of many English words.
  • Word Root is an interesting game that both educates and entertain you.

Grammar Game

*NotePRO games are designed for Pro users. A free trial is also available for Basic users.

Well-designed courses – Broaden your knowledge

You now can easily get access to our well-designed courses on the eJOY English app. eJOY offers courses on various topics such as business, job interview, traveling,… to help you master your English and expand your knowledge of certain aspects of life.

Choose any course that meet your needs and your English level  and start learning now!

Speaking Game
*Note: To get unlimited access to eJOY’s courses, you need to upgrade to Pro account.
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