Hi you, what a beautiful day to share some amazing news that many eJOY learners have been waiting for – including you I guess.
Our team have been working very hard on some big updates on eJOY English to help you learn English more effectively and joyfully.
Try them all out and let us know about your thoughts

The release of 4 incredible PRO games

Our 4 PRO games have been newly released, including
+ Synonym:

  • Goal: Enrich your vocabulary with the most common synonyms.
  • How to play: 
    • Tab on the synonym for the given word.
    • Save new words to your wordbook for further learning.
Synonym Game

+ Grammar:

  • Goal: Master your English grammar with joy and inspiration
  • How to play:
    • Choose “Right” or “Wrong” for each given example.
    • For incorrect answers, eJOY will show the right answer and explain to you why you got it wrong.
Grammar Game

+ PictoWord:

  • Goal: Learn Vocabulary with pictures to remember them forever.
  • How to play: 
    • Select the picture that corresponds to each given word.
    • Save any new words to your wordbook for further learning.
Pictoword Game

+ Homophone:

  • Goal: Improve your pronunciations by distinguishing the most commonly confused homophones.
  • How to play: 
    • Tab on “Swap” if you think the given homophones are in the wrong position.
    • Tab on “Keep” if you think the given homophones are in the right position.

These special games will help you remember meanings of difficult words and perfect your mastery of English grammar patterns through a combination of features such as word associations, images, and spaced repetition method.

The most important thing is they are all fun! They don’t only teach you English but also entertain you when you play them. What are you waiting for? Let’s play them now!


  • PRO games are only designed for Pro users. A free trial is also available for Basic users to try before considering to upgrade to PRO account.
  • For IOS users: to be able to play PRO games, you need to update your IOS software to the version 10.3 or later. 


New update on Speaking Game

The newest eJOY version will show more detailed results of your speaking records, instead of only showing the words you pronounce wrong. With the latest speech recognition technology, eJOY’s AI will recognize and convert your speech into text and allow you to see spellings of the words pronounced.

With this new update, now you can easily identify your pronunciation problems and then find out how to deal with them.

Game Speak

New update on Video Info Screen

When you tab on a video, on the video preview screen (Video Info Screen), in addition to “More Like This”, you now can see the list of words you’ve already added to wordbooks from that video. This new change will help you have a better summary of each video you watch.

Video Info Screen

We’re always working to make eJOY English exactly what you need for your English learning journey. Please let us know of any suggestions, ideas or bugs that you encounter, and we will use your feedback to improve our products. Thank you and happy learning!

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