Sync eJOY Data across Devices


With both PRO and Basic account: your new words are updated immediately after you press SYNC NOW on eJOY App and eXtension

Note: You press sync on the device which has the first data. For example, you save 20 new words on eJOY App and want to sync with your computer. In this case, you press SYNC NOW on eJOY App first, then press SYNC NOW on eJOY eXtension

1. Sync Now on App 

When you complete your learning session on the app, remember to press Sync before leaving.
When you start learning on eJOY app and you couldn’t see your latest data, press Sync to update your data.

Sync Now on App 

2. Sync Now on the extension

You do the same on eXtension with those on mobile App.

Sync Now on the extension