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eJOY Scholarship

As the new school year approaches, we want to make sure you’ve got a semester filled with success. That’s why we’ll award 100 three-month subscriptions, each worth $44.97 to those who enroll in eJOY Scholarship Video Contest.


100 full scholarships to learn English with eJOY for 3 months without limits, $44.97/each

Deadline: September 4, 2019

(*) In particular, 1 full scholarship of 6-month PRO membership will be granted to the best contestant.


1. Complete Daily Goal in 7 consecutive days or more (achieve 7-day streaks) regardless of your daily goal being 1.500 points, 6.000 points, or 20.000 points

Get 7-day streak (eJOY Go)
Get 7-day streak (eJOY Go)
Get 7-day streaks (eJOY App)
Get 7-day streaks (eJOY App)

2. Like, Share and Tag 3 friends in EJOY’s Facebook Post announcing eJOY Scholarship Contest, or give us 3 contacts (including name and email) of 3 friends who are also interested in eJOY Scholarship.


    • The video must have good quality sound and high resolution
    • The video’s length is no less than 2 minutes
    • The video clearly demonstrates:
      • How long have you learned English with eJOY? 
      • How have you learned English with eJOY (eJOY App, eJOY Go, eJOY eXtension or eJOY Epic)
      • How have your English skills been improved since you started learning English with eJOY English? 
      • How will eJOY Scholarship help you to enhance your Engish?
      • Which features do you expect eJOY to develop in the future? 
    • Your video should show your efforts, aspiration and your understanding of eJOY’s features and point out how you take advantage of them to boost your English level. 

(*) Special Prize will be awarded to the one who achieves the highest streak and most inspires other English learners.

* If you are not confident about your video content, don’t hesitate to contact us via Fanpage, Website, or Email for support.


What to submit

1.  Screenshots of your 7-day streaks (taken from Learning Report on eJOY Go or eJOY App) 
* Those who use Photo Editing software to create fake screenshots or copy other users’ screenshots will be eliminated from all eJOY’s contests. 

2.  The Video in which you share how you’ve learned English with eJOY.

3.  Your eJOY Account’s name.

4. Names and Emails of 3 of your friends who are interested in eJOY Scholarships or tag them in eJOY’s Fanpage Post.

Where to submit

Submit 4 contents above to 1 out of 3 channels below. Write FULL NAME _EJOY SCHOLARSHIP VIDEO CONTEST in the introduction: 

+ Inbox eJOY’s Facebook Fanpage, or

+ Comment on eJOY’s Fanpage Post or

+ Send email to support@ejoy-english.com (Subject: FULL NAME _EJOY SCHOLARSHIP VIDEO CONTEST)

Deadline: Sep 04, 2019


Winners will be announced by Sept 5, 2019, on eJOY Facebook Fanpage. You will receive the scholarships email with a 3-month Pro Code. Follow the instruction to redeem the Code.


  • Scholarships are non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash
  • Each individual will only get the scholarship once during eJOY Scholarship Video Contest 
  • Your video will be shared on eJOY Fanpage and Website to inspire other English learners.


Facebook Fanpage: eJOY Global 
Email: support@ejoy-english.com

eJOY hopes that this contest will motivate you to practice your English learning and make it part of your everyday life. Are you ready to start learning English with eJOY, hit the 7-day streak and win the scholarship?  

Good luck, and have a wonderful start to the new school year!


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