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What is Word Store?

1. The collection of the most essential Word Lists

eJOY Word Store includes 22 English vocabulary lists which all English learners are interested in, such as the Job interview vocabulary, the Travel vocabulary, the Academic words,…

Each Word List has an adequate number of vocabulary for learners to study in one to three month period. For example, if you are a beginner, the 500 First Words will be the most suitable and easy one to start. If you want to get a language certificate or study abroad, the 570 Academic Head Words will be the right choice. Especially, the collection of 4000 essential English words by Paul Nation is now divided into 6-word lists levelled from Beginner to Advanced (600 words/list). Therefore, it is easier for learners to plan and achieve these words.

The collection of the most essential Word Lists

2. Tailor-made for your study goals

Communication English

Communication English

English certificates (IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL or SAT)

Job Interview


English certificates

3. Reliable resources

All Word Lists in the eJOY New Word Store are based on reliable sources.

  • 4000 Essential English Words – Paul Nation
  • Speak English like an American – Amy Gillett
  • Barron’s Essential Words for the TOEFL
  • Barron’s Essential Words for the IELTS
  • Longman Communication 3000

4. Word Translation

In the New Word Store, you will also find the meaning of each word in your own language, which is translated by Google. This will help you understand quickly the word meaning in your mother tongue. You can also use the Inline Translation feature of eJOY eXtension to get the translation right next to the English definition if you wish.

Word Translation

How to use Word Store effectively 

Step 1: Install eJOY eXtension in your Chrome

Step 2: Choose a Word List (for your study goal)

Step 3: With each word: Read the definition, listen to the pronunciation and say it yourself

Step 4: Learn how the word is used in daily contexts

Step 5: Save to your own wordbook

Step 6: Play Game with these words every day on eJOY eXtension

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