Movie Training on eJOY GO


Movie Training will help you

  • relax and learn English at the same time by watching interesting movies with subtitles
  • master your listening and writing skills in English
  • expand your vocabulary
  • improve your grammar

How to learn English effectively on Movie Training

Step 1: Go to Movie Training on eJOY GO and watch any scene of your choice.

Step 2: Do available exercises to practice your English skills after watching the movie scene or go to Movie Exercises to choose to do the type of exercises you want.

(You can click on Tips to get the instructions on how to do a particular exercise)

Steps to learn English effectively on Movie Training

Movie Exercises on Movie Training

  • Preposition


  • Listen and write


  • Listening


  • Build a phrase

Build a phrase

  • Guess a word

Guess a word

  • Complete a sentence

Complete a sentence