Why isn’t my account upgraded to PRO after purchasing through Apple?


If you cannot go PRO after making the payment on Apple, please follow these steps:

  1. Press on “More” and then “See Plans” on eJOY App.
  2. Scroll down and press  “Restore Purchase

Scroll down and press  "Restore Purchase"

  3. The screen will notify that you have upgraded PRO successfully

If it doesn’t work, please try one of these ways:

  • Please check whether you use different Apple accounts on one device or not. If yes, be sure that your Apple account that uses for eJOY payment is your current log-in account of eJOY.
  • Please log out Apple ID and then log in again. Press on Setting => iTunes & App Store => Log out and Log in Apple again
  • Please delete eJOY app and reinstall. Then press on Restore Purchase.
  • Please restart a mobile phone, then access eJOY App and press on Restore Purchase

If all these ways are not successful, please email to us at support@ejoy-english.com. eJOY will help you contact with Apple to solve this issue.