Setting CC Panel & Highlight For Audio Reader


You do these steps below to set up CC Panel and Highlight for Audio Reader:

Step 1:  Turn on audio reader feature and click on the setting icon on the reading bar

Audio Reader


Step 2: Select CC Panel and Highlight in the left-side menu navigation in the setting screen

CC Panels

(1) CC Panel: You can turn on/off the CC panel on the full reading bar. To turn off the panel, select Don’t show CC Panel. If you turn on the CC panel, you’ll see what’s being read in the reading bar.

Audio Reader


(2) Text Highlight: Choose what’s highlighted as the audio is being played

  • Sentence and word: Highlight both the read sentence and words
  • Sentence only: Highlight the read sentence only
  • Word only: Highlight the read word only
  • None: No highlight

(3) Highlight Color: Select the highlight color. There are 4 different colors for you to choose from.

(4) Auto-scroll: Turn on/ off the auto-scrolling mode while the audio is being played.