As eJOY is always dedicated to continually bringing the best learning experience to English learners community, we decided to take the eDict app to the next level. eDict dictionary and reading function will be brought together in one place so that you can practice your English reading skills and improve your vocabulary at the same time. The name eDict will be replaced with eJOY Reader. This reading and dictionary app has been and always will be an integral part of our learning ecosystem that helps users to learn languages with your favorite content. Let’s see what’s new about eJOY Reader!

Why eJOY Reader?

eDict is renamed eJOY Reader because the new name fits better with the purpose and function of the app. In addition to providing you the best mobile dictionary, eJOY Reader will mainly focus on improving your reading and vocabulary through reading your favorite content and news. You can easily access any website of your choice and practice reading in English while following the latest major breaking news in the world. 

eJOY Reader’s most special features:

Due to the current outbreak, we’re all advised to stay indoors in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). It is heart-warming to see people stepping up to help make the situation a little less stressful in this difficult time. In the same spirit, eJOY Team has put great effort into developing the new eJOY Reader app as soon as possible to help our learners keep up with their English during the period of quarantine/ social distancing. Especially, starting today (the eJOY Reader launch day) and until further notice, we’re giving FREE full access to the eJOY Reader app. 

eJOY Reader

What makes eJOY Reader special?

Major features supporting your reading 

(1) Instantly look up and save new words

eJOY Reader functions quite the same as eJOY eXtension, eJOY App and eJOY GO in terms of lookup and translation. With eJOY Reader, you can instantly look up meanings of words while reading news. Of course, like the extension, this app will allow you to save words together with contexts to review later so that you can improve your English vocabulary in a more efficient way. Your vocabulary data is synchronized across eJOY apps, making it super convenient to use.

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(2) Paragraph translation

What’s more, you can easily get a paragraph translated into your mother tongue right in the app. This paragraph translation feature is extremely useful, especially when you’re reading challenging texts. It’s also very needed if you want to check your reading comprehension. 

Here are simple steps to get the translation of any sentence or paragraph:

  • Find the content that you want to translate.
  • Tap on the first word. When you lift your finger, you should see the word is highlighted, with “drag bars” – two blue dots – on either side.
  • Tap and drag the drag bars until you’ve selected the text you want to translate.
  • In the pop-up menu, tap “Translate.” 
  • The translation will be immediately shown in a new popup. 

Note: Don’t forget to set your mother tongue as target language (Translate to) in the settings.

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(3) Audio reader

Besides reading, eJOY also offers you a special function which is audio reader. This function will allow you to listen to the text so that you can improve your listening as well. 

Training your ear to listen to English is always a wonderful way to learn, and, if you don’t understand something, you can look back at the text to help you figure out what you missed.

Most importantly, listening to certain pronunciations and words can improve your diction and help you better understand English phrases. You will, at the same time, have the chance to grasp proper use of English words and enunciation. You can adjust the audio speed according to your wish. 

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Practice your reading with PDF and Docs files

We already have eJOY eXtension as a perfect tool to read and look up new words on PDF files on computers or laptops. Now we can access this type of file with our phone, thanks to eJOY Reader. Clipboard on eJOY Reader allows users to read any copied text on the mobile device. If you’re a fan of books or novels, you can copy any book chapter to the eJOY Reader Clipboard, save them to the library and read offline anywhere, at any time. 

Here is how to use Clipboard feature on eJOY Reader

  • 1: Find your favorite book or text
  • 2: Select the text or the book chapter you want to read and choose Copy to copy it
  • 3: Open eJOY Reader
  • 4: Tap on ClipBoard icon on the top right corner of the home page screen
  • 5: The copied text will be automatically displayed on the Clipboard screen. You now can read and access any reading features such as dictionary lookup, paragraph translation, audio reader,…
  • 6: You can save the text to read offline and for easy access whenever necessary.  (Read more about the reading features in the section above)

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Get translation while reading news on Safari or Chrome

One of the most important things that I love about eJOY Reader is that it allows users to share a website to eJOY Reader to read in English with ease. This also means that you can use any supporting features such as dictionary lookup, paragraph translation, audio reader, when you surf a website from Chrome or Safari web browser. 

Especially, the Article View on Web Reader is a great feature that allows you to read online articles in a continuous, clutter-free view, with no ads or visual distractions. You’ll be transported to a land where you can focus on what matters most to you: content.

To convert any article to eJOY Reader, you can follow the steps suggested below:

Option 1: Convert articles right on the web browser using Share function

  • 1: Open your favorite article or page on the web browser (Chrome, Safari,..)
  • 2: Tap on the Share icon
  • 3: Look for eJOY Reader app icon
  • 4: Tap on the app icon and the article will be immediately converted to eJOY Reader where you can read and access all eJOY reading features at your fingertips. Tap on the A icon on the right side of the address bar to switch to the Article View mode if you want to read without any unwanted distractions.

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Option 2: Copy web link and open on eJOY Reader app

  • 1: Open eJOY Reader app on your phone
  • 2: On the search bar displayed on the home page, paste the website URL you want to read or type some keywords to search for the article using Web Reader browser
  • 3: Open the article on Web Reader. Tap on the A icon on the right side of the address bar to switch to the Article View mode if you want to read without any unwanted distractions.
  • 4: Read the article and free to use any feature such as look up new words, save new words, translate a paragraph, listen to the audio of the text,…
Copy website URL
Copy website URL

These are two simple ways to access your favorite article and practice your reading with eJOY Reader. In addition to getting access to all of those amazing reading features, you can save articles to read again anywhere, at anytime without Internet connection. 

How to save articles or text to read offline

  • 1: Open the article or text that you want to save on eJOY Reader with any option above
  • 2: At Web Reader mode, select the icon Glass at the bottom right corner of the screen to switch to Clipboard mode 
  • 3: Select the icon Save on the right side of the progress bar to start saving your text. Here you can edit the title and choose a featured image for the text.

In case you want to look up while being offline, you’ll need to download our offline dictionary to your phone, accessed from More tab on eJOY Reader. (Read more about how to download offline dictionary here).

Build your English reading habit

If you find yourself lazy to read in  English and searching for a certain piece of news you’re interested in takes a lot of time, then don’t worry. eJOY Reader is here to help you strengthen your relationship with reading. Because reading in English has never been easier. Our quick access features will assist you in building your daily reading habit. 

  • Shortcut to your favorite webs: These shortcuts will give you quick access to your favorite sites without browsing the Internet. If you don’t have any favorite sites yet, you can check out our list of recommended websites. They are all very popular and credible sites covering various topics and categories for you to choose from, such as BBC, CNN, VOA,…

  • Stay updated with news in your industry: Which topics do you care about? Business, Movies, or Education? Choose your favorite ones. Then all the latest news will be updated automatically. See how to set your favorite topics
Favorite topics
Favorite topics
Latest News
Latest News
  • Bookmark: You can bookmark any favorite web page or article to save them to your library. This will make the process of re-reading a favorite article become easier and more convenient.

All-in-one Dictionary 

Every lookup dictionary feature of eDict remains the same. This means you’ll still be able to look up any new word or phrase while browsing the web on Safari, Chrome, Facebook. With every word looked up, eDict provides you with lots of information about it, including: 

  • Definition: Get the meaning or definition of a word with illustrations, phonetic transcription, and audio pronunciation.
  • Translation: Get translation of a word or phrase or sentence, powered by Google Translate and Microsoft translate.
  • Word Family: Understand all word forms to strengthen your grammar
  • Collocation: Get to know how to use a word correctly
  • Thesaurus: Learn more about synonyms and antonyms
  • Slang: Get explanations of American Slangs. 
  • Example sentences: Know how to use English words in contexts.

Moreover, you can connect to any dictionaries of your choice in a blink of an eye: Cambridge British English, Oxford Collocations, Collins COBUILD, Wikipedia… 

Read this article to know more about eDict features 

Also, when you switch to English Meaning, you can even lookup any new word right on your popup screen. Super convenient, isn’t it?

Sync data across eJOY platforms

As an eJOY Pro member, you’ll be able to sync your vocabulary data between eJOY Reader and other eJOY platforms (including eJOY app, eJOY GO, eJOY eXtension, eJOY Epic). 

This means you can add any words to your eJOY wordbooks and play games with your words to master them. eJOY games are designed based on the spaced repetition algorithm. In addition, eJOY allows you to keep track of your word progress. It’ll display how well you know each word. 

How to sync your vocabulary data between eJOY Reader and eJOY account

  • Open eJOY Reader app
  • Tap More
  • Select Sync Now your eJOY account -> Select Sync to start synchronizing your data

Note: You need to download eJOY English app to your phone to be able to sync your data.

eJOY Reader is a must-tool for those who love reading books and online news. However, it doesn’t mean the app is not suitable for those who are struggling with reading. Whether you love or hate reading, the app will definitely help you build your daily reading habit and make it part of your life. So let’s try it out today for free and don’t forget to help us grow by sending us any feedback or comment on the app! Thanks for reading and stay safe, my friends!

Reading online news on eJOY Reader for free now!