How to look up and add new words on eJOY Reader


How to look up new words and save them

With eJOY Reader, you’ll be allowed to instantly look up meanings of words while reading news.

  1. Tap on a word to look up. A popup will be displayed, giving you the most important information of the word (IPA, Frequency level, its meanings)
  2. Switch on English meaning to see the English meaning of the word(2)
  3. Tap on (^) to see detailed information of the word (slang, definition, example, synonyms, antonyms, word family,…) (3)
  4. Choose the wordbook where you’d like to save the word (4)
  5. Choose (+) to save the word to the selected wordbook (5)


How to translate a sentence or paragraph

  • Find the content that you want to translate.
  •  Tap on the first word. When you lift your finger, you should see the word is highlighted, with “drag bars” – two blue dots – on either side.
  • Tap and drag the drag bars until you’ve selected the text you want to translate.
  • In the pop-up menu, tap “Translate.”
  • The translation will be immediately shown in a new popup.

Other supporting features

Quick lookup – new words and phrases 

  1. Look up the previous or following word quickly with < > (1)
  2. Select a phrase quickly with |<- and ->| (2)

Quick Lookup – sentences

  1. Tap a word (1) in the sentence that you want to look up and tap the icon lookup sentence (2) to have the whole sentence translated

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