Pro and Basic- What Are The Differences?


1. eJOY Pro users

  • You can watch unlimited videos, look up words, save words and play games unlimitedly
  • Unlimited access to eJOY features

2. eJOY Basic users

  • Only save 20 words
  • Locked videos: you only watch videos and look up 3 words for each viewing session
  • Unlocked videos: you can watch videos and look up words without limits. You can also practice these gamified learning steps to improve your speaking and listening skills

For those who are Basic users, you need to gain Joys to unlock videos. Joy is a virtual currency on eJOY to unlock videos and some features. Joy points are yellow, at the top of the phone screen. You will get 100 Joys when you create a new eJOY account.

get 100 Joys when you create a new eJOY account

You can collect Joys once a day by checking in the eJOY App.
Pro users also need Joys to unlock some special features.

3. How to get Joys?

  • Tap on the gift box icon on the video screen

Tap on the gift box icon

  • Tap on one of the 3 gift boxes to open it. Press on Start learning now to come back to the video screen.

Press on Start learning now

Press on Unlock to look up (20 Joys)

  • This screen indicates that your chosen video is unlocked successfully. You can now start learning English with this video.

unlocked successfully