eJOY extension’s video settings (UPDATED 03/2021)


You can change eJOY English extension’s video settings to help you learn English effectively with videos on supported websites like YouTube, Netflix, Coursera, Khan Academy, and so on.

Apart from those fully supported video websites like Netflix, Youtube, with eJOY extension 6, you can integrate the lookup feature on any video web you want manually.

eJOY extension’s quick video settings

After installing eJOY English extension to your Chrome browser, you will see a water drop icon on the bottom right of a video (on supported websites). Click this to change quick video settings, including Upper subtitle, Lower subtitle and Quick Translation.

eJOY extension’s full video settings

To access the full video settings menu, click the eJOY icon on the bottom right (1) of the video.

(2) Subtitle settings: Custom settings for Upper subtitles, Lower subtitles, Quick Translation and Phonetic.

(3) Preview sub: You can immediately see how the settings in (1) changes the display of your subtitles, translations, and phonetics here.

(4) Pause video when mouse over: Pause the video when you hover over subtitles.

(5) Show progress bar: Show subtitle progress bar.

(6) Extend sub time: Keep the subtitle on the screen until the next subtitle appears.

(7) Shift Sub time: Adjust subtitles to match or run slower/faster than the speech of the video.

(8) Speed: Speed up/ slow down the Video by x times.

(9)  Settings for auto-pause mode on videos

Practice Active-listening on Auto-pause mode on videos

  • Auto-stop mode: Pause video automatically after every subtitle
  • Upload subtitles: Upload your subtitles file
  • Shortcut Keys: Opens the guide of eJOY shortcuts for videos
  • Print subtitle: Print subtitle of Video.
  • Save subtitles: Displays the list of saved subtitles (Bookmarks)

(10) Upload subtitles: upload and use your own subtitles

(11) Help: goes to Help Center

(12) Print subtitles: Print subtitles out

(13) Saved subtitles: See bookmarked subtitles

(14) Show Full Transcript

(15) Click to enable or disable eJOY eXtension on the video page.

(16) EJOY eXtension has more than 20+ keyboard shortcuts designed for learning languages with movies and videos.

How to look up and save words/phrases using eJOY eXtension

You can easily look up words and phrases while watching a Netflix movie and then save them for later practice. To learn more about how to look up and save words, please read the following articles: