Main screens on eJOY Reader


eJOY Reader is an integral part of eJOY English learning ecosystem, which includes various features to help you improve your vocabulary and reading skills.

Read online articles with instant lookup

  • Read your favorite articles or news with our latest news collection.
  • Article View mode will help you concentrate better on the content of the article without being distracted by unnecessary ads, banner or elements…
  • Audio reader helps you improve your listening and pronunciation.
  • Get instant translation of any words/ phrases/ paragraphs at your fingertips.

eJOY Reader

  • My library where you see a list of your saved articles, text and bookmarked pages.

eJOY Reader

Read PDF and Docs files with Clipboard Reader

  •  Copy any text from PDF or anywhere on your phone and read the text on eJOY Clipboard
  •  Look up and save words, have any paragraph translated
  •  Audio reader to practice your listening
  •  Save the text to read offline

How to read PDF and Docs files on eJOY Reader

Improve your English vocabulary

  • Save any words with context while reading news or articles

  • Manage your wordbooks and review saved words with eJOY Games

How to manage wordbooks on eJOY Reader

Sync your reader data with eJOY App

As an eJOY Pro member, you can sync your learning data between your devices and eJOY’s apps, and get full access to all eJOY’s platforms (eJOY AppeJOY Go, eJOY eXtensioneJOY EPIC)

Sync Vocabulary with eJOY English App