Keyboard Shortcuts For Audio Reader


You do these steps below to use keyboard shortcuts for audio reader:

Step 1:  Turn on the Audio Reader feature and click the setting icon on the reading bar

Audio Reader

Step 2: In the setting screen, select the Shortcut keys section

Cài đặt giọng nói


Click on Edit shortcut keys (1) to set your own shortcut keys. You will be directed to the Chrome Extension shortcut setting screen. From here, you can easily customize eJOY eXtension keyboard shortcuts for your browser at any time according to your preference.

  • Activate the extension –  Enable eJOY eXtension.
  • Next – Listen to the next sentence 
  • Read/Pause – Read/Pause the audio
  • Previous – Listen to the previous sentence
  • Speaker – Change the speaker voice

In the selection box on the right, you can choose to use the shortcut only on the Chrome browser (Select In Chrome) or on all browsers (Select Global).

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys to change Speakers

To be able to quickly change between 2 speakers while listening to the audio, you need to create a shortcut key (which includes Ctrl, Alt or Cmd ⌘ , and any key of your choice). Remember, different actions require different shortcut keys.

(2) Your first voice option.

(3) Your second voice option.

Once you select two voices and set up your Speaker shortcut key, you can use this shortcut key to change between the two voices without going to the setting page.