How to turn off eJOY extension


Turn off eJOY on a website

To turn off eJOY extension on a website, click eJOY icon on the top right of your browser. Click the button next to “eJOY in [website address]” at the bottom of the dropdown to turn eJOY off.

Turn off eJOY on video

To deactivate eJOY extension on only videos instead of the whole website, click the eJOY icon in a video on that website. You can then turn off eJOY subtitles on videos in two ways:

Turn off all video features

Click the eJOY eXtension icon => Click the On / Off button (1) on top of the setting board to turn off all video features, including Auto Translate, Auto Paused, and subtitles.

Turn off only subtitles

Click the icon eJOY eXtension => Select the Upper subtitles and/or Lower subtitles => Uncheck the box Subtitles (2).