Who Is eJOY English For?


Who is eJOY?

eJOY is a young, enthusiastic Edtech start-up. We aim to apply technology to education to make learning become a joyful journey.eJOY English, a brand name of eJOY, is a multi-platform English learning solutions. With eJOY English, learners can

  • Watch +60,000 authentic English videos sorted by English levels, topics, and durations.
  • Look up new words while watching videos
  • Practice English games to improve your listening, speaking, reading, and vocabulary.

Our motto is: Watch videos – Play games. Relax – Have fun – Be fluent in English. Mobile – Tablet – Laptop. 

Who is eJOY English for?

Our mission is to make eJOY English become your All-in-one English learning solution that make your learning fun, meaningful, and efficient.

  • Learners: eJOY English works best for those whose English level is above Beginner. For Higher Beginner, eJOY English helps you improve listening, speaking, and vocabulary. For Advanced learners, eJOY English helps you maintain your listening, speaking, and reading skills, as well as expand your vocabulary size.
  • Teachers: eJOY Teacher will help you manage your class and track your students’ performance. You will be set free from daily hassles and have more time helping your students overcome their challenges.
  • Educators: We would love to work with Educators to come up with the best solutions for learning and teaching English to make it fun, meaningful, and efficient.

For more information about eJOY?

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