In early October, eJOY has launched new features – WordHunt & ClipBook to help you accelerate your English learning progress. Let’s find out what they are in this article. Also, do not miss out on the last few updates on the eJOY extension that you’ve been waiting for.

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You probably have already known that learning new words in its context is the best way to widen your vocabulary. Now eJOY users will be equipped with Word Hunt to search for video contexts that use the word you want to learn. You are like hunters hunting for “words” in the “video” forest.

This is how you will go hunting:

On eJOY Go

  • Go to Word Hunt.
  • Type a word/ phrase.
  • Press “Say it”.
  • WordHunt will list the videos that contain your word in the subtitle.
  • Listen and practice (repeat) the different contexts that the word is used.


Also, if you want to save these contexts, refer to Part 2 with details about Clipbook.

On eJOY eXtension

When you look up any words, you will see the orange button “Say it”. Try to click on it to see what happens next!

WordHunt on eJOY eXtension
WordHunt on eJOY eXtension

It’s never been so easy to learn vocabulary in context. Try this new feature right away with the phrase “let’s rock and roll” in this sentence:

Hey, Yo! You are so cool, man! Let’s rock and roll !

Cut Clip

Have you ever encountered extremely cool conversations while watching videos on eJOY Go? Then, you want nothing other than to save that talk for further practice? That is why eJOY team do our best to implement the 2 new features: Cut a Part & Clipbook meet your needs.

You can choose to cut a dialogue line with words/phrases you wish to learn. Besides, you can also cut a whole scene from the video that is about a specific topic or an interesting situation. By doing so, you can focus on studying only the sublines you want from a long video.

How to cut a clip from video 

  • Choose the scene you like from a video
  • Click on Cut a Part
  • Hold and drag [..] to select the starting and the ending point of the clip you want to crop.

Cut a clip on eJOY Go

We have created a sample clipbook about how to say “Hello” in different ways. Let’s take a look at that.

To view your edited clips, see “Clipbank” for more details.

But do not stop here. Read on to find out what else you can do with the clip that was cut in the next section.

Video Quiz on eJOY Go

You have been mentioning about your desire to play video games on eJOY Go, and that’s why Video Quiz is here as soon as possible.

Each time you watch a video, don’t just stop at that. Let’s play Quiz. There are:

  • Up to 12 questions,
  • 3+ different question types (eJOY will continue to add new question types),
  • questions about words you have looked up/ saved,
  • new questions for each time you play Quiz

Last but not least, Video Quiz is not just for a complete video only. You can play Quiz with your cut clip as well.

Quiz Game

Play Video Quiz with the song: Love me like you do


All the cropped clips are saved into your ClipBooks. You can find your ClipBooks in ClipBank

To access the ClipBank, click on the down arrow icon next to your account avatar.

Select Clipbank from the drop-down menu.



Here you can watch all of the clips at once.

  • Select Play all to play all the clips in your ClipBook.
  • Adjust the settings for your ClipBook by clicking on the gear symbol. 

ClipBook Setting

  1. Title: Type the title of the ClipBook
  2. Clip Repeat: The number of times a clip is played before moving on to the next one
  3. Auto Replay: Automatically restart from the beginning when all clips are finished.
  4. Clipbook’s thumbnail: Pick a cover image for your ClipBook.
  5. Description: Add a description for the ClipBook
  6. Delete: Delete a ClipBook with all its clips.

In addition, you can also delete or arrange the location of each clip in the ClipBook.


New features on eJOY eXtension

Edit the meaning of a word on eJOY eXtension

Now you have an option of adding your own definition/ translation of a new word. You can choose to do it right when you look up or wait till you review all the words in your word book.

Edit while looking up new words

  • Look up a new word,
  • Click on the plus sign (+) in the popup,
  • Type in your own translation/ definition in the “Custom” box,
  • Click V marker to finish.

Edit the meaning of a word

Edit the meaning of  a new word in WordBook

  • Open your word book,
  • Click on your new word that needs to be changed,
  • Click on the pen icon,
  • Edit its meaning,
  • Save it to complete.

Edit the meaning of words in WordBook

Now, it’s high time for you to try all these new features. Give yourself a try and Rock your English. Don’t forget to share with us your learning experiences. We love to hear you say.

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