My Best Way to Learn Vocabulary with Flash Cards


When using Flash Cards in the eJOY app, I can remember vocabulary way better. Then I find it best to share my Flash-Card steps with other learners. I take a “mastery” card as an example.

1) When the “mastery” card appears, I make a guess and listen to the pronunciation.

Flash Cards

2) I may forget the definition of “mastery”, then I tap on the bulb icon on the bottom right to see the hint. But I still don’t get it.

Flash Cards

3) I flip the flash card to learn the definition of “mastery” on the other side. It means “great knowledge or skill”. The gif image depicts a man skillfully training a bird. The bird can pass through neatly between two people.

Flash Cards

4) After learning “mastery”, I swipe the flash card to the left <NOPE> to let eJOY app remind me next time.

Now I always remember the word “mastery” with the image of a man and a bird.

Flash Cards

I have never thought that Flash Card is helpful before. What do you think? Please share with me how you learn vocabulary.

And you know what, you can play Flash Card in eJOY app! Let’s get eJOY for free and have fun learning English!

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