Our first speaking topic is Family. If you are new here and want to practice speaking on this topic, please fill out the form: https://forms.gle/BpaA9KyyeRmkJfmU6     

You can refer to this introduction to understand the program “Pair speaking practice with eJOY”.

1- Discussion questions for Topic Family

  1. Do you have a large or small family? Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  2. Do you think it’s good to be the only child in the family?
  3. What are your parents like?
  4. Do you spend much time with your family ?
  5. Is family important in your country?

These are suggested questions. You may not want to limit your conversation to those questions. Feel free to add your own and raise any question to your partner during the online meetup. Besides, as it’s the first time you meet your partner, you may want to introduce yourself and get to know each other. Also, don’t forget to wrap up at the end of the discussion.

2- Suggested videos – Topic Family 

You need to train your ears to get familiar with how native speakers talk about Family, and also to broaden your vocabulary.

eJOY Epic – Laptop

If you own a PRO eJOY account, you can learn with the following video to practice listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

Learn with What Your Family Deserves. 

Read more: How to learn on Epic.

eJOY App/ Go web – Mobile & Laptop

Below are English videos that you can practice with 4 skills (listen-speak-read-write) on eJOY App and eJOY Go web.

  1. IELTS Speaking 8.5 SAMPLE ANSWERS | Part 1 – FAMILY
  2. Why Are Families Important?
  3. What is family?
  4. Talking about family and relationship
  5. My family

Read more:

3- Prepare for the talk

This is the to-do list for you:

  • Watch the suggested videos to get some ideas and vocabularies. Add new vocabularies from section 5 as well, if you need them. Use eJOY extension (laptop) or eJOY Reader app (mobile) to save them.
  • Write your own answers to the questions in section 1 of this article. Try to answer them out loud by yourself as well.
  • Set up your device, the platform you choose to make a call to your partner. Make sure your internet works well and you have a quiet place.

Please be noticed that:

  • Audio call is used to make sure the connection stable
  • Have free talk and maintain your conversation as long as possible with no limit.
  • Turn on recording (if possible) so that you will have your audio file to review after the talk

4- Check in to find your speaking partner for topic Family 

When you have done the homework, try your best to write down the answers to the discussion questions and do rehearsal on your own. And then, fill out the check-in form to help us find your perfect speaking partner who has the same English level, same level of confidence, and same time slot with you. 

5- Vocabulary

  • Nuclear family
  • Receive primary education
  • My house is close to school
  • My house is 5 minutes far away from school 
  • Close-knit family
  • Have a lot in common
  • Have a good relationship with
  • That sound great
  • I’m so sorry to hear that 
  • Get on well with, 
  • Keep in touch
  • Far away from my apartment 
  • My Dad and I, we’re not that close
  • What? is that true? surprised
  • Oh, you are the matchmaker
  • Speechless
  • Talkative
  • I’m quite the opposite.
  • My brother is 3 years younger than me
  • I work too far away
  • Oh really? Such a coincidence 
  • They retire, stay at home and enjoy their life 
  • She was very caring, thoughtful,  
  • She has a pain in her legs
  • Couples should share housework equally
  • I want my husband to share the housework 
  • Housework should be split between husband and wife
  • We share some common values 
  • Things are getting worse. We get used to it. We have to live with it. It becomes part of our daily lives.
  • I totally agree
  • I’m so sorry to hear about that
  • Doing housework, running errands
  • Separated not divorced 
  • Really, such a long time
  • You must be very lucky 
  • Prioritize family over career
  • Close to each other
  • Family is far more valuable than anything else
  • Family is the most important in life
  • Family is worth more than anything