Cut a Clip on eJOY GO (Clipbook)


How to cut a clip from a video 

  • Choose the scene you like from a video
  • Click on Cut a Part
  • Hold and drag […] to select the starting and the ending point of the clip you want to crop.

cut a clip from a video

  • To view your edited clips, see “Clipbank” for more details.


  • All the cropped clips are saved into your ClipBooks. You can find your ClipBooks in ClipBank
  • To access the ClipBank, click on the down arrow icon next to your account avatar.
  • Select Clipbank from the drop-down menu.



Here you can watch all of the clips at once.

  • Select Play all to play all the clips in your ClipBook.
  • Adjust the settings for your ClipBook by clicking on the gear symbol.

ClipBook setting

  1. Title: Type the title of the ClipBook
  2. Clip Repeat: The number of times a clip is played before moving on to the next one
  3. Auto Replay: Automatically restart from the beginning when all clips are finished.
  4. Clipbook’s thumbnail: Pick a cover image for your ClipBook.
  5. Description: Add a description for the ClipBook
  6. Delete: Delete a ClipBook with all its clips.

In addition, you can also delete or arrange the location of each clip in the ClipBook.