How to change speaking voice and speed for Audio Reader


You can adjust audio speed and choose your preferred speaking voice. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Access the audio reader feature and click on the setting icon on the reading bar

Audio Reader

Step 2: Change speaking voice and the speed of the audio

Choose your preferred speaking voice:

In the left-side navigation menu, select Speak

(1) Preview voice: Click to select a voice of your favorite in the list -> Press Preview Voice to hear a sample from the chosen voice.

(2) Free: Free voices

Audio Reader

Adjust the speed of the audio

In the left-side navigation menu, select Speed

(1) Use the circle icon and drag it horizontally to adjust the voice speed. Default speed is 500WPM – 500 words/ minute

  • Drag the circle to the right for faster speed levels
  • Drag the circle to the left for slower speed levels

(2) 500WPM: Displayed speed level according to the adjustments

(3) Preview Speed: Click to hear an audio sample after adjustments.

Audio Reader

Note: You can adjust the audio speed right on the reading bar by clicking on the speed icon (1) => move the mouse pointer to the speed controller (2) => hold the mouse and drag vertically to adjust the audio speed.

Audio Reader