Welcome back to another post in English learning series. In this article, I will specify 3 main ways to help you express opinions in English by different situations.

As you all know, not only in IELTS Writing test but also in daily conversation, there will be time and situations when you need to express your thoughts or show your opinion. Your English proficiency will also assessed partly through the fact of how flexibly you can make use of expressions to expose your idea instead of reusing the common phrases like “I think” or “In my opinion”.

Why do I have to use expressions??? Why can’t I just directly speak my opinion? Have you ever thought of that? If yes, then the answer is because without these expressions, your idea might seem to be imposing.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

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1 I bet (that) + clause

This structure can be used when you are fairly sure that something is true, something is happening etc, although you cannot prove this.

For example: I bet your motor is out of gas.

2 I strongly believe that + clause

You can make use of this expression in English writing like in the IELTS test, your application letter and so on. This phrase can also be used when you already had research or reliable resource as references and proofs. It helps to show how persuasive is your thought and how much you want them to trust you.

For example: I strongly believe that all the businesses should operate toward sustainable development.

3 There’s no doubt in my mind that + clause or There’s no doubt to me that + clause

These phrases are used to emphasize that something seems certain or very likely. This form can be utilized in both written and spoken context.

For example: There’s no doubt to me that she has gone absolutely crazy about you.

4 I’m not sure/certain, but + clause

This is probably the most common expression that you can use when you has very neutral opinion which means that you barely have belief in your own idea. The word “not sure” indicates when you think or hope that something is true, although you are not certain.

For example: I’m not sure, but she’d probably gone for hours before you arrived.

5 I tend to think that + clause

You can say that you tend to think something when you want to give your opinion, but do not want it to seem too forceful or definite.

For example: I tend to think that this shirt will look better on you.

6 It seems to me that + clause

You should use this expression when you would like to say that something appears to exist or be true. In another way, it indicates that you hesitate about what you are saying to people

For example: It seems to me that he is over you now.

7 If you ask me, + clause

This phrase helps you give a signal about your personal opinion about an event.. You can also use this even when not asked, just to demonstrate another perspective toward the problem. This would make people more comfortable to absorb your idea.

For example: If you ask me, I would say that I don’t really like her.

8 As far as I know/understand/am concerned, + clause

This is used when you are giving your opinion about something, especially when your opinion may differ from others.

For example: As far as I know, she will leave tomorrow.

9 As I see it, + clause

This expression is used when you don’t want other to be too affected by your opinion but taking it as your perspective toward the problem only.

For example: As I see it, he’s never gonna win this battle.

Tips to learn words and communicate effectively

The above are some ways to express opinions in English that used very often by indigenous people. However, the article will not stop right here since in this part, I will share to you an ultimate tool that helped me a lot to study vocabulary. Drum rolls for the one and only – eJOY eXtension –  a Chrome extension developed by eJOY team.

eJOY eXtension helps to look up word
eJOY eXtension

With eJOY eXtension, you can feel free to look up words that you do not know while enjoying YouTube video or reading English articles, see how they can be pronounced. In addition, what is even better is that you can save all the words to learn and practice via many games to memorise them. It is very easy and simple to use, check out the instructions to eJOY eXtension for more detail.

Download eJOY eXtension for free

Not yet, as to speed up and make your new learning process more intuitive and lively, eJOY also has Word Hunt feature. Word hunt will help you search for video contexts that use your words, structures.
When checking a random word with eJOY eXtension, you will see an orange button “Say it” appear. Click on it, Word Hunt will list the videos that contain that vocabulary in the subtitles.

An example direct translation when you are using eJOY

Do not forget to periodically review and practice using phrases and structures to express opinions in English. This will assist in making your communication skills to be more natural and fluent.

See you later and good luck.