Among four English skills, speaking is of great significance. However, to be able to communicate effectively in English, having good knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation is never enough. There are other elements contributing to the effectiveness of communication that you need to take into consideration as well such as body language, facial expressions,… In the list below, I’d like to share with you top 3 English learning apps for communication and tips to practice English effectively. Let’s jump right in!

Advantages of using English learning apps for communication

1. Improve your pronunciation

Studying English in traditional classrooms doesn’t allow you to practice your pronunciation on a regular basis due to the time limit. Meanwhile, with English learning apps for communication, you can listen to any dialogue and practice your pronunciation at any time and as long as you want. Most of the English speaking apps provide original dialogues spoken by native people and interactive games, which helps you grasp the standard English accent & pronunciation in a natural way.  

2. Be Affordable

As you may know, attending an English class is rather expensive compared to learning on English Apps. Most of the English learning apps let you learn for free or next to nothing. This will help you to save a huge amount of money in learning English communication in the long run.

3. Be Flexible  

With English speaking apps, learners only need to download learning content to their portable phones or Ipads. You do not need to have a fixed timeline like in traditional English classes. You can take control of your learning time, divide different intervals for studying Speaking which only takes 10-20 minutes per. The number of lessons is all up to you.

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Disadvantages of using English learning apps for communication

1. Self-discipline

As the learning schedule is up to you, it requires high awareness. English app learners have to keep themselves from distractions to maintain their daily learning. This challenges the perseverance of learners as well. You will have to set exact timing for daily practice and stick to your learning plan.

2. Internet connection

Most of the English speaking apps require the Internet connection to function. Unfortunately, in case you encounter weak Wifi or internal problems from the network service provider, then you are unable to use the app.

Top 3 apps to learn English Communication

1 ABA English – Learn English


  • Available in: Android/IOS
  • Featured functions: Learn English communications and grammar structure.
  • Cost:


ABA English teaches speaking through English grammar structure. Every lesson is a different structure which the app will show you how to use. Mastering basic grammar doesn’t only make you more confident in speaking but also helps the other fully grasp what you’re trying to say.  

All of the lessons are organized based on different levels of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  Each level will teach you the suitable lessons.

You will learn about essential English grammar patterns through certain situations presented in the videos. Each circumstance is a conversation between two or more people. Every conversation given is humorous and related to different themes.

Characters are usually the native with slow and precise speaking speed. And you will read the dialogues with your own voice. The “Compare” function allows you to compare your pronunciation with the one from the audio.

English learning apps for communicationenglish learning apps for communication

After learning, you will get a certificate of your English skills.


  • Lesson’s content: Learn the grammar structures used in conversations.
  • Function
    • Speak: Give the learners the role as one of the characters in the video. The mission is that you will listen and practice speaking every dialogue given. You can record your voice and compare it with the audio. From that, you will be able to recognize your mistakes and improve your speaking.
    • Interpret: Unlike Speak, this function allows you to choose any roles you like. After completing the conversation, learners will receive complete audio including their records and the other character’s. That feels like listening to a conversation with real people.


  • Experience: For unlimited learning, users have to update to “Pro” account.

2. Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages


Available in: Android/IOS

Featured function: Learn English with the community and tutors on Tandem


  • 1 month: Around 7 USD
  • 3 months: Around 4 USD
  • 12 months: Around 3 USD


This app is a community built to help users practice speaking. They can exchange ideas about their interested topics, events.

Each user will create their own profile. You will need to provide basic information about age, sex, mother tongue, hobby. Moreover, this app collects data on whom you can talk with (age, sex) to find the best partner for you.

After registration, Tandem will check your profile based on the given information.

After approval, you will have to guarantee some policies with Tandem.

Do not post business information like selling products or services,… It is not what the community is meant to be.

Do not post explicit photos and date message. The community is not meant for dating.

Your words and behaviours need to be conventional and no offence here. The producers wish to build mutual respect in the community.

Any violations will make the account deleted forever.

English learning apps for communicationEnglish learning apps for communicationEnglish learning apps for communication


  • Experience: What makes Tandem different from other apps is it builds an English community to practice speaking. You can talk with people around the world who can help you practice other languages, expand relationship and knowledge. You can choose whichever topic that suits you.
  • Function:
    • Filter: Allows you to filter contacts. This helps you to pick out the native of your interested language or people from one or many other countries.
    • Tutors: Assist you in finding your own tutor
    • Translate: You can translate the conversation language of your partner into your mother tongue. This helps you to understand the whole chat better and also to learn new vocabulary.
    • Correct: While chatting, users can fix each other’s mistakes. They can correct vocabulary and grammar in the dialogue sent and vice versa. This facilitates users to recognize their incorrections.


  • Experience: You may encounter advertisements while using the App.
  • Function: Some functions are not available to free accounts, including:
    • Unlimited translation for chatting dialogues with your partner.
    • Connect users who are near your location.
    • Add star to your account and appear on the leaderboard of Tandem.
    • Know who watched your profile and easily found your partner.

3. eJOY English


Available in: Android/IOS

Featured functions: Learn English communications through videos


  • 6 months: Around 39 USD
  • 1 year: Around 58 USD
  • 2 years:  Around 75 USD


eJOY offers over 50.000 videos categorized in different topics, duration, levels. All videos have subtitles.

If you encounter a new word while watching a video or reading some text online, just click on that word to check its definition. Learners can adjust video speed to listen more carefully to the pronunciation. This helps you understand helpful pronunciation for further communication.

Besides, you can save any new words to your word books notebook in WordBank section. Then, you can learn them by playing interactive games. eJOY’s Speaking Game is designed for you to enhance your speaking skill. You will practice communication skills by the words you have saved.

The app will mark your pronunciation and inform the results. You will know how many percentages of correctness your work have got. Among many English learning apps for communication, eJOY offers a new yet interesting way of study

English learning apps for communicationEnglish learning apps for communicationEnglish learning apps for communication


  • Lesson: eJOY has over 50.000 videos with various content. Aside from practicing communication skill, you will also gain valuable knowledge of history, science, culture,… This factor allows you to optimize the understanding you have grasped during your learning process.
  • Interface: This English learning apps for communication has language setting options where you can set the language displayed into your native language if you wish to.
  • Function:

In case you do not have enough time to watch a video, the App will remember which part of the video you are currently watching. In your free time, just open the app and watch the remaining part.

  • Favorite: bookmark your favorite videos
  • Payment: The app has payment policy every month, 3 months or 1 year. You can flexibly pay for the best experience.

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Experience: You are able to watch unlimited videos and save only 100 words with your free account. To save more new words and play special games, you need to upgrade to PRO account.

D Download Free eJOY eXtension

Other apps for reference

4. SpeakingPal Communicate


Available in: Android/IOS

Featured functions: Users learn communication through scripted conversations.


  • Entire lessons:  Around 21 USD/per year
  • Beginner & Sounds: Around 11 USD/per year
  • Everyday & Friends: Around 11 USD/per year
  • Business & Travel: Around 11 USD/per year
  • White House: Around 7,5 USD/per year


SpeakingPal Communicate helps learners practice communication with 4 categorized dialogues, including Friends, Everyday, At Work, Travel, White House and Beginner.

Every conversation in the category is about the theme and topic.

First, learners will watch a full video between two people talking. The language used is natural and conventional. Characters behave naturally with clear accents and appropriate body language.

After watching the video, users will play the role of one or two characters. You will practice communicating with the other one. The mission is you must try to pronounce the video’s script as standard as possible. The video will have every saying translated into your language to understand the content better. The app will rate and review your work.

You will need to practice with video first to unlock other parts. This App also has the function which lists all the vocabulary used. This function helps you to practice communication as well as study more words.

English learning apps for communicationEnglish learning apps for communication


  • Lesson: Various contents.
  • Functions:
    • Retry: Practice many times with the dialogue to enhance your pronunciation.


  • Experience: Pop-up advertisements while using the App.
  • Payment: You can access some free lessons. With later ones, you will have to pay for them. The app offers only an annual payment.

After payment, you will get access to the whole lessons. You are not allowed to pay only for the ones you like.

5. English Central


Available in: Android/IOS

Featured functions: Direct interaction through video.


  • 1 month: Around 29,5 USD
  • 3 months: Around 73,5 USD
  • 1 year: Around 175 USD


Like eJOY, English Central offers videos to learn English. It also allows you to check the definition of the word while watching.

However, the difference is that this app does not have the “save new word” function. While speaking, you will practice with words you have looked up. In case there are no words to check, the App will choose entire dialogues in the video. Also, rate and mark the correctness of the user.

What’s more, you can play games with the words you have looked up. In addition, you can study online with an English teacher whom you are free to choose.

You will learn 1-to-1 with your English teacher in 20 minutes

Taking a test to know your level. Learners will receive a suitable schedule based on that.


  • Lesson’s content: Videos in various topics
  • Experience: You can easily watch videos and play games in the App.


  • Function: Unlimited learning for teachers only applies to paid account

6. Speak English Conversation


Available in: IOS

Featured function: Users learn speaking based on the scripted sayings


  • 1 month: Around 10 USD
  • 6 months: Around 8,3 USD/per month
  • 12 months: Around 7,3 USD/per month


The app helps you to learn English based on conversations in 12 categories. The topics are usually about daily relationships and activities like Family and Friends, Shopping, Work,…

Each dialogue includes 4 parts:

  • Listen: a conversation between 2 characters are given with text and audio included. The language used in the video is casual saying with simple vocabulary and coherent, natural pronunciation.
  • Quiz: list multiple choice questions of the content in the conversation. Your choice is to pick the right answer, click on the “Check” button to check it.
  • Practice: allows users to practice speaking by playing the role of one of the characters appearing in the conversation. You can choose which one you like and talk with the other based on the scripted content.
  • Record: record your talk to check whether your pronunciation is standard.

English learning apps for communicationEnglish learning apps for communicationEnglish learning apps for communication


  • Lesson content: Various topics about daily life which motivates learners to associate with what they are learning. This 1-1 learning method creates a natural atmosphere for people.
  • Payment: The app is nearly free except “offline studying” function. With this, you can download the lessons for daily practice even without Internet.
  • Experience: It has Instructional video which instructs you to make the best of this app

You can save your favorite part for further practice.


  • Function: App does not have “grade” function. Learners will have to rate their record based on the video’ audio themselves.
  • Experience: Learners will encounter advertisements while using the app, which may annoy you somehow.

7. Speak English


  • Available in: Android/IOS
  • Featured function: Users learn speaking based on available conversation.
  • Cost: Free


The app has 2 levels: Beginner Sessions and Advanced Sessions.

Every session has 7 parts, each part includes topics which the dialogues are about. The sample audio has natural and coherent pronunciation. Your mission is to mimic it to enhance your speaking.

The app has “record” function allowing users to record and listen to their voice.

In Settings, you can select automatic record, sound of audio and record.

Speak EnglishSpeak EnglishSpeak English


  • Payment: Free
  • Function:  
    • Beginner Sessions/Advanced Session: Allows you to select your suitable level.


  • Function: App does not have “grade” function. Learners will have to rate their record based on the video’ audio themselves.
  • Experience: The app provides single sayings instead of a whole conversation, which may avoid boredom for users.

8. Hello Talk


  • Available in: Android/IOS
  • Featured function: Learners will participate in the App’s community to practice speaking.
  • Cost: Free


Like Tandem, Hello Talk is also one of the English learning apps for communication designed to build a language community. You can join and select the native to talk with.

You can chat privately or post on “Moments”, which is similar to Facebook, allowing users to comment, like anything posted here.

Hello TalkHello Talk


  • Function: When chatting, members can correct each other’s mistakes. For instance, when chatting with an English native, they can help fix your vocabulary and grammar error. This helps learners gain substantial progress from recognizing their fault immediately.

The app also provides free English lessons which are conversations in different topics. Users can listen to each separate audio.

  • Explanation: explain the meaning of the words used, pronunciation included.


  • Experience: Unlike Tandem which allows you to chat live with other members, Hello Talk has record and photo function to send to your partner.
  • Function: This app does not have “record”, “grade” function. Learners will have to rate their progress based on the video’ audio themselves.

9. Cambly


  • Available in: Android/IOS
  • Featured function: Users communicate with tutors.
  • Cost: Depend on the learning duration and tutor


Cambly is built on the foundation of a language community. A notable point is that Cambly connects learners and tutors.

You can search for the tutor you want to study with, then you will set the schedule that works best for two. You can chat live with the tutor you choose, he/she will make comment on the pronunciation and mistakes in speaking.

CamblyEnglish learning apps for communication - Cambly


  • Function:
    • Reservations: help you follow reserved slots with your tutor
    • Lessons: offers many different lessons for users to choose. Each lesson can be taught by one or many teachers.
    • Experience: Valid information of tutor which allows you to find the suitable one.


  • Experience: You can learn freely in 10 minutes every day. For further learning, you will have to pay for it

10. Busuu


Available in: Android/IOS

Featured function: Learn how to communicate in different situations.


  • 1 month: Around 9 USD
  • 6 months: Around 7,6 USD/per month
  • 12 months: Around 2 USD/per month


Busuu offers different conversations. The language used in the audio is natural and coherent as well. In addition, you can connect with other people in “Society” session.

Tests are also given to check your proficiency.


  • Lesson content: Plentiful lessons.
  • Function: Study report is available, which facilitates you to keep track of your progress.


Function: This app does not have “record”, “grade” function. Learners will have to rate their progress based on the video’ audio themselves.

11. Fluentu


  • Available in: IOS
  • Featured functions: Learn communication-based on available videos.
  • Cost:


Fluentu uses trending videos to attract users. For instances: videos about famous TV shows, latest news. Users can understand new words while watching thanks to the subtitle givens.

The app has a playlist which users can use to study vocabulary and English structure. Designed games help you learn how to use words in the right situation as well.

FluentU helps you check your own progress. It also gives suggestions for further advance.

English learning apps for communication - FluentuEnglish learning apps for communication - FluentuEnglish learning apps for communication - Fluentu


  • Lesson content: Various topics
  • Experience: The “definition” function helps you understand the video.


  • Function: The apps helps you learn new words and context used but it does not have “record” and “grade” function. You will have to practice and review on your own.

12. Yabla


  • Available in: IOS
  • Available function: Learn speaking based on given videos.
  • Cost: Free


Like FluentU

English learning apps for communication - YablaEnglish learning apps for communication - Yabla

13. Speechyard


  • Available in: web browser
  • Featured function:
  • Cost: No information


Though you cannot find Speechyard on Google Play or App Store, you can download Extension for the web browser. However, only “look-up” function is available for free. If you want unlimited learning, you will have to pay.

How to get the best result?

Learning English with Apps will help you to gain a variety of vocabulary and conversational phrases. However, to be able to effectively communicate in English, learning with apps only is never enough. You will need to combine it with other learning methods to get the best result.

1.Practice listening as much as possible

Listening is an essential part of successful speaking. Listening to the native helps you grasp the key of standard pronunciation. The more you practice, the more that standard English is ingrained into your brain. As a result, you can practice communication skills more precisely.

This also advances your listening skill as well, as you can totally understand the content of the conversation, identify the used vocabulary and phrases.

2. Planning a detailed timeline

Every app has its own unique point. You should learn with 2 or more apps to practice speaking more comprehensively. Besides, you will need to divide detailed time for each app.

You can use eJOY and Tandem together. Users can optimize the benefits of both apps. With eJOY, you can watch your saved video and words for further practice.


If you love traveling, you can find videos about this topic on eJOY English. Spend 30 minutes – 1 hour every morning watching videos and saving some English grammar patterns in WordBook. Pick your video at a suitable level (Intermediate or Advance)

In the afternoon and night, you should spend 10-20 minutes practicing with the saved contents. Then join in Tandem community to chat with the native. Remember that it’s suggested to find partners with the same hobby, such as traveling. You can share with them what you have learned from the videos in eJOY. Besides, don’t forget to apply the knowledge you have just practiced into conversations.

In the weekend, open eJOY and spend 30 minutes listening, learning new words from different videos on the app. Then, spend 1 hour reviewing what you have gained during the whole week by playing interactive games.

However, you should flexibly choose which apps to use depending on your budget. In case you can afford, you can choose unlimited learning with eJOY. Moreover, you can book study time with your tutor on Tandem to improve your communication skills.

In case you want to add more words on eJOY but your study budget is limited, then you can have a notebook to take note of the words you see in eJOY. Besides, you can take part in English clubs, social media, and communities instead of studying with Tandem.

3. Use body languages

Do you know that people understand conversations depending on 2 factors: 30% spoken language and 70% body languages? Body language includes facial expressions, body postures, gestures.

If you try to tell a joke with an unemotional expression, unnatural gestures then nobody sees that you are joking.

So, body language is very important for effective communication. Learners must pay attention to improving this skill.


By this top 3 English learning apps for Communication article, hope that you can choose your own suitable Speaking app. And don’t forget to find an effective studying method of improving communication. Share with us how you nailed the speaking skill in your comment!