Video Translator is the latest tool developed by eJOY. The tool helps users add and edit subtitles of videos. In this way, you can practice listening dictation (listen and write down what you hear), create personalized subtitles that suit your study purpose.

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1. Features and benefits

Video Translator helps English learners in terms of listening reflexes, and vocabulary as well as knowledge. With the feature of adding and editing subtitles, listening over and over again, and changing the speed of listening, users can perform listening dictation conveniently and quickly. Creating subtitles for videos helps users familiarize themselves with vocabulary, makes it easier to remember and use vocabulary. Moreover, adding subtitles stimulates the user’s thinking about the knowledge in the video.

2. How to use the Video Translator feature 

Step 1: Browse Video Translator website

Visit the website Video Video Translator – Translating and editing video subtitle tool (

Step 2: Upload video

You can upload videos from your computer (select file) or add an online video link (Insert URL)

2.1: If you want to upload videos

2.2: If you want to insert video link

After choosing one of the two, the website will take you to the editing screen.

Step 3: Go to the subtitles editing interface

3.1: With videos that already have subtitles, when hovering over Your transcript, the option Edit transcript will appear. Clicking it allows you to edit the translation.

3.2: With videos that don’t have subtitles (videos from your computer), click Upload subtitles and choose subtitle file from your computer. After that, hover over Your transcript, the option Edit transcript will appear. Clicking it allows you to edit the translation.


Step 4: Subtitles Content

Video Translator allows you to edit the content of subtitles by clicking on the subtitles line you need to edit (1), the content of the subtitles line will appear in part (2). Click it to edit.

Step 5: Adjust the sub time

5.1: In order for the subtitles lines to be timed correctly, you hold down the subtitles line and move it to the correct time position.

5.2: In case all subtitles are skewed, you can use the feature Shift all subs

  1. Length: Hover over the time box, drag the horizontal bar to adjust the moving time then press Backward or Forward
  2. Backward/Forward : forward/backward

Step 6: Save the progress and download the subtitles.

Check the subtitles again and press Save to save the editing progress. Then click the button with the down arrow to download.

3. Key feature buttons

  1. Upload new video: Choose another video from your computer
  2. Upload subtitles: Download file subtitles from your computer
  3. Turtle: Reduce video speed
  4. Circle: Repeat subtitles at the time of pressing
  5. Mode theater: enlarge the video screen and hide your transcript 
  6. CC: change the video speed, turn on and off the English/Vietnamese subtitles displayed on the video
  7. Square: Turn on/off full screen mode

  1. Turtle icon: Video plays Slower
  2. Circle icon: Repeat 1 subtitles
  3. Alter time: 3s (3 seconds forward back), 100ms (100 milliseconds forward), 1 subline (1 line forward and backward subtitles)

Above is the manual of our brand new tool – Video Translator. Hopefully with this article, you can improve your learning efficiency and experience.