Upgrade PRO with Code

Via Web

Step 1 – Log in & Open Redeem page

Sign in eJOY web with your eJOY account. Open Redeem code.

Step 2 – Enter PRO code 

Enter PRO code then your account will be upgraded PRO successfully.

Nhập mã code lên PRO
Enter Pro code
  • If your eJOY extension is not upgrade PRO yet, please Log out then Log in again. Just in case it’s still not upgraded, please let us know via Facebook or email: support@ejoy-english.com

Via App 

Step 1

Redeem code

Step 2

  • Tab Redeem code.
  • Enter your Pro code received via email.
  • Press Redeem.
  • Your account is successfully upgraded. Press sync on eJOY App and other apps.

Redeem code

One PRO account, unlimited access

Now you have such a powerful PRO account, try to get the most out of it. Take your time to install and use all the below most wanted English learning apps.

1. eJOY English Video App

What’s it: +60,000 English captioned videos for practicing listening, speaking, and vocabulary Link: eJOY App @ Google Play & Apple Store How to use: eJOY App tutorial 

2. eDict All-in-one Dictionary App

What’s it: a powerful English dictionary mobile app with translation, definition, video dictionary, synonym, examples, collocations, slangs, word family, and more. Link: eDict All-in-one Dictionary App @ Google Play & Apple Store How to use: eDict tutorial

3. eJOY Word master extension

What’s it: a powerful dictionary app available on Chrome PC & Laptop. Available on Youtube, Netflix, Coursera, Udemy, KhanAcademy … Link: eJOY eXtension @ Google Chrome Store How to use: eXtension tutorial

4. eJOY Go web

What’s it: + 60,000 English captioned videos for practicing English listening, speaking, and vocabulary. Link: eJOY Go web @ Google Chrome How to use: eJOY Go Tutorial

5. eJOY Epic web

What’s it: +1200 handpicked video lessons for practicing listening comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. Link: eJOY EPIC web @ Google Chrome How to use: Epic Tutorial

6. eJOY Support

As a PRO learner, you will receive our priority customer support. Please contact us right when you need help. We are available at email, web chat, and Facebook chat.

📧 Email: support@ejoy-english.com 

👍 Facebook: https://ejo.bz/Facebook


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