With a desire for young people as first or second years students in Vietnam to have love and confidence in using foreign languages, eJOY Learning Technology JSC cooperated with HEC Club – Ha Noi Export-Import Club of Thuongmai University to create the eVOICE 22 foreign language dubbing contest. Hopefully, we will help you have a memorable milestone in student life.

Which benefits will you get after joining?

  • Discover the level of yourselves
  • Develop your soft skills like video editing, content creation, etc.
  • Receive attractive gifts (Value Certificate and Present Value)
  • Spread beautiful messages to inspire others via your video


Dubbing Contest eVOICE 22

Dubbing Contest eVOICE 22

Contest Information

1️⃣ Organization Committee:

  • eJOY Learning Technology JSC.
  • HEC – Ha Noi Export-Import Club of Thuongmai University

2️⃣ Contestants: Unlimited

3️⃣ Contest theme:

Don’t limit your creativity, the test will be a foreign language video in a scene that can be a movie, a speech, a comment on a topic, news, etc.

4️⃣ Event time frame:

  • Opening the application: 04/03/2022
  • Closing the application: April 23, 2022
  • Voting: April 5 – April 23

5️⃣ Contest entries:

  • Entries message up to 50 words
  • Voiceover video: 1 – 5 minutes

The entries include:

  • Content of the message that the team wants to convey (using the team’s voiceover language) – up to 50 words.
  • Video: 2 parts

Part 1: Personal/team introduction

Part 2: Voiceover content.

  • The video is attached with eJOY’s background separation logo in the appropriate size.


  • Entires are your copyright that is NOT COPY with any form.
  • The content is suitable for the tradition of Vietnam and can’t distort and mislead the author’s ideas.
  • Entries can be the work of an individual or a team (no more than 3 people).
  • A contestant can have multiple entries.
  • Video has a minimum length of 1 minute, and a maximum of 5 minutes, using a horizontal frame.
  • Ensure video and audio quality when dubbing. Images and words in the video do not violate the community rules.
  • Prioritize entries that use video sources from eJOY for dubbing
  • Having a logo of eJOY English in the video

📬 How to send the entries:

  • Name the file: [eVOICE22] – Name of person/team
  • Candidates submit their entries via Google the form provided by the Organization Committee
  • Entries need to be uploaded to Google Drive, a shared folder in the form of “Anyone with the link can comment”, this link will be attached to the Google form link provided by the Organizing Committee.

Scoring Criteria

Scoring Criteria
Scoring Criteria

The contest video will be posted on the eJOY English fanpage, with the following scoring method:

🎁 Interactive Prizes:

  • 1 reach = 1 point
  • 1 share = 3 points

🎁 Professional prize: 100 points 

  • 30% Clear pronunciation, correct stress
  • 15% Linking sounds, sound reduction
  • 20% Sentence Intonation
  • 20% Conveys the speaker’s emotions: it can be similar to the original or not completely like the original, but still exudes the character’s emotions in a reasonable way with the situation.
  • 10% Technical quality (definition, sound,…).
  • 5% Meaningful content with positive messages.

Voting Process

Voting Process
Voting Process
  • Step 1: Like fanpage eJOY English
  • Step 2: Share your favorite video in public mode, each Facebook account only can share 1 time.




Prize In-kind prize (Acc pro eJOY course) Cash prize  Total value 
First prize 2 years 44$ 210$
Second prize 1 year 22$ 118$
Third prize 6 months 9$ 67$

In addition to cash and in-kind prizes, participants in the contest also have the opportunity to receive:

  • Soft copy certificate confirming participation in the eVOICE 22 contest
  • Media Ambassador appeared on eJOY’s fanpage


  • Each other contest entry with 20 shares or more will receive a soft copy participation certificate.
  • Each contestant/team only can receive 1 prize. Teams that have received interactive prizes are not allowed to participate in the Expert Prize evaluation.
  • Prizes will be sent by the Organizing Committee to the winners as soon as the results are announced. In case we detect a fraudulent element, the prize will be withdrawn and transferred to the next ranked contestant.

🆘 Warning:

  • Entries will only be scored when the correct application form and voting process are followed.
  • The Organization Committee does not accept tricks to increase likes without transparency (auto like, auto share, …). Any form of cheating when detected will be DIRECTLY EXCLUDED from the contest.
  • The jury will check your voice when announcing the award to make sure you are the one who voiced the video. Avoid the case that the candidate uses a machine voice or another person’s voice to record.

☎️ Contact Information

Please, direct us via Zalo: 093 446 39 69 to get more valuable information about this contest.

If there are any questions, contact us via:


Facebook eJOY Community

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Dubbing Contest eVOICE 22